EA working on a new Simpsons game

Electronic Arts announced last year that it had secured the rights to make games based on Fox Television's long-running animated show The Simpsons. When reading a new job description from EA it becomes obvious that the game is now in development. It's not known yet when the title is due to be realeased and what platforms it will be on. But knowing EA's market strategy, it is more than likely that it will be released on multiple platforms.

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rj815902d ago

Maybe they are working on The Simpsons Movie video game. Has there ever been a really good Simpsons game?

kmis875902d ago

Simpsons: Hit and Run got some really nice reviews. Road Rage was about average, and Wrestling and Skateboarding were terrible. I think Road Rage was the only one that EA published.

5901d ago

simpsons movie game anyone?

i hope they makes it next-gen and totally accurate to the series in animation. that would be awesome!

Pathetic N4G Website5901d ago

As the only person on Earth who can't stand the series this does nothing for me :\

Marriot VP5901d ago

just about everybody, only people will buy this at 10-20 bucks for kicks

drewdrakes5901d ago

For 1, I feel EA rushes games, a lot. They are way too big, smaller studios such as BioWare and Silicon Knights churn out much better titles. 2, I feel that the graphics in the cartoons are made to be too 3d. They should make the characters 3d, but the renderer should make it look more like the actual cartoon, with the black lines to accent features. In my opinion, if they made the graphics look more like the cartoons, the games would be more enjoyable and believable.

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