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Japan Picks PS3

While the IGN editors were running about the Tokyo Game Show show floor taking videos of and sampling the hottest upcoming Japanese games, the folks at Weekly Famitsu were conducting a survey of show attendees on all areas of next generation gaming. The magazine's survey managed to reach over 4,000 attendees, although most questions were answered by between 2,500 and 3,000 people.

The PS3 came out on top in the vote for which next generation system players are most looking forward to. 58.3% selected the PS3 as the next generation system they most want, compared to the Wii's 33.8% and the Xbox 360's 7.9%. It's worth noting that the Wii didn't have an official presence at the show, which is not attended by Nintendo, and was only shown being played by company reps (often scantily clad company reps) in the various 3rd party booths.

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zypher6430d ago

who knows? one thing's for certain, the 360 DEFINATELY won't win in Japan ;)

PS360WII6430d ago

Seeing that sony was pretty much the only one showing stuff at TGS naturally everyones going to be saying they liked ps3 after the event cuz that's all they got to see

specialguest6430d ago

yeap, i'll agree with that. TGS was like a Sony home turf event.

Darth Gamer6430d ago

You also have to take into account the fact that they said looking forward to. The 360 has been out for a year. Nobody should be looking forward to it. Maybe the games for it such as myself. But as for looking forward to, I would also vote PS3 simply because I already have a 360. Not to mention the whole home turf issue and probably a few other factors that are absent. News like this is useless and should be taken with a grain of salt. Not to mention that this was posted a day or two ago if I'm not mistaken.

Shadow Flare6430d ago

This is great news cos before it was the Wii that gracefully beat the PS3 in popularity in Japan. Now the Japanese want the PS3 more.

But it goes to show though that the high price of the PS3 is becoming less of an issue as the launch comes closer, and price is obviously less of an issue if the japanese (who really love nintendo) have picked the expensive PS3 above the cheap Wii

Perhaps with the increased publicity of the PS3 and as more things are being shown for it, people are starting to realise, "Hmm, that is actually really good. Perhaps it is worth the money"

THAMMER16430d ago

Too bad people in the U.S. are not as bias as they are. But you know If I was from Japan I would favor PS3 too. To bad I'm from the U.S. and proud of my culture here and even more proud that MS has developed a console that has PS fan boys awake at night.

Sphinx6430d ago

...I like how you put that, "a console that keeps the PS fanboys awake at night"... priceless!
For all I care Japan can waste its money on an overpriced, underwhelming 360 wannabe that plays BluRay movies. Think of it this way, what if, back in the day of VHS vs BetaMax, a console gaming system used BetaMax for their games... that would've been such a joke! That may be how we all look back on the PS3 one day.

Silverwolf6430d ago

I can bet anything Japanese will win in Japan. It doesn't take a survey or an analyst to predict that. People just keep pointing towards the obvious!