GameSpy: Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

GameSpy writes: About the only thing more repetitive than Koei's Dynasty Warriors series is reading reviews of Dynasty Warriors games. The reviews all seem to start out the same way -- a lot of talk about how Koei has been feeding us the same game for years with minimal innovation and the same button-mashing mechanics. The consistent nature of the reviews is a bit ironic, but it gets kind of old. So we'll just start our review by saying, look! Dynasty Warriors 6!

The core game is pretty much the same as it's been since the (near) beginning of the series (remember that the original Dynasty Warriors was a one-on-one fighter). You take control of characters from Chinese history and lead them through battles drawn from the ancient Chinese novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." If you want to brush up on the back story, the in-game encyclopedia helps fill in the details.


-Better maps and more refined gameplay than before;
-lots of stages and characters to unlock;
-nice graphics


-Gameplay is pretty much the same old thing;
-occasional pop-up;
-no online multiplayer

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