SCEA announces GT5:Prologue's Complete Features for American Release

"Racing fans have been looking forward to the upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the latest installment in the franchise. Today, SCEA announced the full vehicle roster, track list and features for the upcoming game, which will be released on April 17th for $39.99 from the PlayStation Store and on Blu-ray."

Bonsai12145681d ago

look a that, it has more included in it than most full racing games.. i'm holding off for the full version though

jwatt5681d ago

I was thinking about holding off too but gt5 most likely will not make it this year. Plus I want to play this and gta4 together, I think that's a nice combo.

ruibing5681d ago

I need a normal on-road racing game this year, and there's nothing like GT5 right now. Between this and NFS Carbon, it's definitely GT5 Prologue.

Blasphemy5681d ago

I wish the PS store version was cheaper considering it's not being sold be a retailer and Sony doesn't have to pay for packing and shipping. Anyway I will deftness pick this one up on the 17th.

Skerj5681d ago

Agreed, if the PSN version were at least 10 dollars cheaper then I'd pick up that version. Now if I decide to get it I'll just grab the disc.

ruibing5681d ago

I prefer the disc version; same reason I'll always prefer Blu Ray to DLC.

The gaming GOD5681d ago

But for me, I have to have the blu ray. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just the sense of security. Like if my hard drive gets wiped, I'd lose the game too. It's the same reason I purchased warhawk on blu ray. Plus, it's more collectible as a disc

cyclindk5681d ago

You think we'll be allowed to download it on up to five other PS3s if we get the downloadable version?

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JoelR5681d ago (Edited 5681d ago )

I love my GT and they have my favorite car (just like mine that burned T_T)

RX-7 Spirit R Type A

so yes - first day buy for me as well

Blu-ray Edition

tweaker5681d ago

2 player split screen. wow it wasn't it the japan version.

ruibing5681d ago

In an interview they announced that they were able to add a bunch of new modes and cars in between the time between the NA and JP releases. You can find it all at gametrailers.

1-800-4MY-XBOX5681d ago

1-800-4MY-XBOX for all your coffin needs.

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desertpunk863502d ago

free to play no matter how good the game is if it is a free to play i dont play.

i want to pay full price for a full balanced experience unlocks shouldn't be earned by money but by the hard work you put in the game.

my free to play nightmares are borderlands,diablo,titanfall,w arhawk 2,halo and star wars battlefront.