Saints Row 2: running and gunning with crazy character customization options

"When Saints Row shipped in 2006 on Xbox 360, it had the luxury of no competition. As the first Grand Theft Auto-style game of this generation, it got a lot of credit for outdoing parts of Rockstar's popular franchise with better visuals and controls. But with Saints Row 2 on track to ship after GTA4, the crew at developer Volition have gone from having no competition to facing possibly the biggest game of 2008. And now their challenge is to distinguish themselves as more than a good GTA clone." writes Matt Leone.

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JoelR4894d ago

Glad they are taking the game in a different direction then GTA
Should be fun ^_^

bumnut4894d ago

hope the framerate is better than the 1st game

wageslave4894d ago

There was nothing wrong with the first game's framerate. What are you talking about?

Strife Lives4894d ago

SR1 ,driving on the freeway,eek ! Peterliners appearing outta nowhere ! Cars outta nowhere !

HBK6194894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

"Of special note is that you can play as a male or female, but it's actually a sliding scale -- you have 100 degrees of how male or female you want to be, so you can have a character that's 30% male and 70% female"

HAHA, bring on the Butch women and Femme Men!!!

Should bring alot of replayability to this game and I am very glad it is on the PS3 as well!

Ri0tSquad4894d ago

We could use the people we create in PS Home in this game instead of making a new guy/girl. Just like the Nintendo Miis use in some games.

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