Valve working on Counter Strike On the 360

Game trailers had an exclusive inside look at what valve has to offer this year which are TF2's new multiplayer map called Gold rush and left 4 dead the exclusive game on the Xbox 360 and PC.

But that is not all as Geoff talks with Valve co-founder Gabe Newell about the possibility of Counter-Strike 2
Which he says they are working on the Xbox version.

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Capt CHAOS3967d ago

The BEST news I've heard all year.. This is great, this was the reason why I bought the first xbox all those years ago.

perseus3967d ago

No perseus isn't a ninny, he just thinks that people should speak the language correctly in order to get their ideas across.

RevNick863967d ago

At no point does he confirm or truly deny it. Is it inevitable... yes. But this was no announcment.

socomnick3967d ago

Counter Strike is the king of all multiplayer shooters hope this is true.

incogneato3966d ago

It was, but that's ancient history. Counter Strike doesn't even come close to COD4 anymore.

heavyarms3967d ago

If this is true the xbox360 will pwn you fool. i will still play some ut3 on the ps3 but cs is my game Get ready to get pwned!!!