Bully game 'danger' to children

A "Bully" computer game sends out the wrong signals and should be withdrawn from sale, say UK teachers.

They are part of a global coalition concerned about the impact of the game, which has been released in new formats.

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hitthegspot3969d ago

MAGG (Mothers Against Graphic Gaming) going to come down hard too. It's interesting to see what's happening across the pond.

Exhaust3969d ago

Oh my god its named Bully so it must be evil and encourages kids to beat up and pick on other kids... Didn't Jack T. get owned in court over this already? Making claims about the game that are untrue?

I haven't played it yet but have it coming from gamefly for 360 (hopefully it doesn't lock up on me haha) but from what I've heard from friends that played the PS2 version its not "pro" bullying. The bullys are the villains in the game...

jinn3969d ago

like anyones gonna buy the game

poos33968d ago

i boughtr it and i like it a lot

spandexxking3968d ago

whats with all the game remakes/re-releasings these days? this game is one of the games you should of tried at launch. playing now will give you a dated feel. good game though

BeaArthur3968d ago

I must have written 5 different papers in college on the effect of video games on children and I could never find any conclusive evidence that games could effect a child anymore than TV or a movie. If your child doesn't know the difference between right and wrong then you failed as a parent. If you see your child trying out WWE moves on their younger brother they are probably susceptible to outside influence and you shouldn't be buying them video games in the first place. Most of these games that people complain about are rated M for mature anyways. Stop complaining and do some parenting and stop trying to scape goat the industry.

bigjclassic3968d ago

has boy on boy kissing, and its even an achievement in the 360 version. Im sorry but the majority of people will not accept that kind of stuff.

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