Kojima Productions Report 082

Ryan Payton and Aki Saito bring the latest information on MGO Beta, Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection, and Metal Gear Mobile. Listen in to get the details.

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decapitator3975d ago

Thanks for posting. Was looking forward to this.

T_Tokyo20103975d ago

If Sony were to put the beta in the store for PS3 owners to see, then require that beta would drive preorders through the roof. Better hope no one finds a way around it like they did with Warhawk.

AlterEgo3975d ago

* The boxart released is NOT THE FINAL BOXART for Japan or any other region...they're still working on it

* MGO Beta will be a PSN download for EU and NA

* the word "F*CK" will be used in MGS4 (for the first time in MGS history)

* The Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD will use the "Dissolve" artwork

* "Dissolve" image was created by a company called "Petrol" based in California and tweaked by Kojima Productions

* Payton wants you to come up with a "Metal Gear" name for yourself for all future questions to their mailbox or it probably won't get answered

* The Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection will release in approx. 10 days and MGS1 will still be 2 original PSone CD disks.

* the violence level has not been toned down in the game, but had been for trailers


thats about all that was really important. comments?

resistance1003975d ago

Cheers for that.

Have a bubble

Panthers3975d ago

There was not one thing you said that I did not like. Cant wait for this damn game.

AlterEgo3975d ago

lol, the podcast (as usual) was full of win

eagle213975d ago

That Essential Collection is tempting me. MGO beta for EU and NA is nice too!

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belal3975d ago

will i be able to download the beta without the dvd ?

ps i live in europe

AlterEgo3975d ago

that the beta details for EU haven't been revealed yet, but it will still be a pre-order Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD you'll have to get.

there's an authorization code on the DVD and you put it into the PS Store to download MGO

so even though the full details aren't finalized, i'm guessing 'no'

niall773975d ago

I bet its Otacon or raiden

AlterEgo3975d ago

I'm guessing Liquid or Drebin

oldsnayke3975d ago

the one thing I am still concerned about is that Ryan only mentions the United States in-terms of the BETA, and I already sent him an e-mail with regards to the beta testing in Canada.

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