Insomniac: Competing With 'Killzone 2', Justifying 60-Player 'Resistance, Halo 3 and More

From Multiplayer:

"Multiplayer: So, people read the Game Informer story [about "Resistance 2?]. People don't believe the Game Informer story. Because that's insane amount of content to put into one game. We're talking about a full-fledged campaign, eight player –

Price: Online co-cop.
Multiplayer: A lot of people were thinking "Killzone 2? was going to be the big Sony FPS for the end of '08. This does too. So is this going to be a head-to-head thing? Have you guys gotten any calls from guys in Amsterdam [where the game is being made]?

Price: Actually, we're close to those guys. Our engine director was just over at Guerilla taking a tour. And we've had them in our offices. There's definitely a friendship between the two studios. And we are both interested in making sure there's a separation between the games in terms of theme and gameplay. Where they're both released in relation to each other, I don't know. That's up to Sony marketing. What's cool is that we both feel that same competitive spirit. We're pushing each other, and that's fine. It's a good-natured competitiveness.

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decapitator3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Ted is such an honest guy. I think he will be better replacement for Phil Harrison. Hey Sony, buy Insomniac and make this man the head of SCEWW. He will push things further than Phil could have ever imagined.

Oh, and it will all be lag free. Also, this game is so full of win. Good to see that Insomniac and Guerilla are on good terms. Hope people will finally shut up about that whole Killzone 2 vs Resistance crap.

JoelR3969d ago

If Insomniac is feeling pushed by GG and vice versa then I think we are looking at two games that should blow peoples socks off.
I know internally 1st and 2nd party Sony studios share an amazing amount of tech and technical know how. It's pretty synergistic and the results of this tech sharing is being reflected.

decapitator3969d ago

Yeah Joe, I hope that is what they are doing. But we probably won't know anything until someone leaks something. These guys are very careful.

Kleptic3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

its funny...most of the people that keep bringing up KZ2 vs. Res 2 are also the people that won't get to play either...

can't wait for both...really want to see a new KZ2 trailer, and the first trailer for Resistance 2...hopefully soon...


Insomniac was pushing tools with the EDGE kit to help with draw distances (of which was used for Warhawk)...and GG developed some state of the art stuff for lighting...that was all at last years GDC...

If Insomniac is able to implement any of that unbelievable KZ2 lighting into RES2, we will all be in great shap...that was probably the biggest complaint about the first games visuals...don't kow if KZ2 has problems with draw distances though...the trailer sure made it seem like it didn't (when they detatched the camera it showed the entire city still rendered)

decapitator3969d ago

Right on Kleptic. Day one for me as well.


people thinks its this or that game against GEARS...But in reality its all the sony exclusive vs the sony have KZ2 , resistance 2 , mgs4 etc...etc....Now tell me there is nobody in there right mind who will be able to afford all these freakin games.

""just my thoughts""

TheExecutive3969d ago

i will own both games... there is no "vs." in my pocketbook, I got love for all.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3969d ago

I don't think Phil was the problem at all... If it was not for Kaz I think Sony would be in better position than they are now...

Also Phil was not Japaneses enough for Sony Japan to listen to and they are the ones in the end that have the final say...

fenderputty3969d ago

Insomniac is quickly turning into my favorite devs. Getting them into the first part loop would be great.

It's cool they have a relationship with GG too. I only wish GG wasn't so quiet. I'm pretty sure Sony is making them be quiet but, it would be nice to see as much info from them that we get from Insomniac.

Salvadore3969d ago

I also thought Sony should have hired an individual from their loyal developing companies because as developers, they have pushed the PS platforms and have put great effort to try and help other developers in struggle.

People, just imagine what a guy like Ted could do?

3969d ago
fenderputty3969d ago

why come and troll ... not even a good effort either. Reported as spam. Hope I don't have to see you for some days.

TheExecutive3969d ago

Lol @ Xeikon if I could report someone as being a dumba$$ I would. I guess the spam button will have to do.

The Wood3969d ago

= great games

in theory

like two great strikers who want to score the most goals but will put the team first.

gixxxer3969d ago

I know man, Ted Price has this really nice positive karma. He could indeed join Sony and maybe even replace Phil. Totally agree!

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TheExecutive3969d ago

"With multiplayer we saw an opportunity to up the game to 60 players with not a whole lot of pain on our end. The challenge for us is not technical at this point. It’s design. We’ve got to make sure that when you’re in a 60-player game it doesn’t feel like unmitigated chaos. So we’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing and trying out different techniques to make sure you know what you’re doing, even though you’re in this massive battle, and it’s working. And it’s fun."

Done deal. I believe him too. Insomniac has always focused on the right stuff. It looks as though R2 wont be any different. They know what the problems are with such large MP battles and they look as though they are tackling them.

gEnKiE3969d ago

Insomniac will pull it off, have no doubt in my mind.

Sevir043968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

"Multiplayer: Did that “Killzone 2″ trailer a couple of years ago fire you up back then?

Price: Yeah, and it was awesome. It was last E3, and when our guys saw it running for real, they thought, “Wow they just raised the bar and we all gotta make sure we can do the same.”

That was what did it for me, Because as i've said GG b!tch slapped all the doubters that couldn't believe They would do it and basically lit a Fire underneth the ass of all the first party devs so they can pull out more on the PS3..

Go Insomniac the fact that you guys are both pushing and competeting with each other means that both these games will be amazing and well worth the play on my PS3, you'll get all of my money, Bring it on.

hades073968d ago

I currently don't own a PS3, still have to finish my back catalogue of 360 games from 2007, but I am interested to see which game most PS3 owners will choose So I know what one to pick up and play online when I purchase my PS3.

gEnKiE3969d ago

Its kind of funny when you see the high up guys.....I really doubt any of them actually "play" games. I would like to see a game developer take over a spot like Phil's at Sony.

decapitator3969d ago

And I would be more than happy if Ted or Jaffe took up that position. These guys know what gaming is about.

Orange3969d ago

i like jaffe, but I'm not sure about his business acumen. he's already ditched his business plan for eat-sleep-play. he hinted that calling all cars was a big mistake. too bad, it's fine for the price.

Bleucrunch3969d ago

I am buying both games. And that is THAT! (emphasis on the "T")

BrianC62343969d ago

Me too. It's not like we have to choose between Resistance 2 and Killzone 2. Both will be great.

What makes Insomniac great is they know they're good and aren't afraid to do things everyone says is impossible. It's funny to see these doubters who say they can't do what they say they're doing in Resistance 2. Oh yeah? Watch them. I'm sure the game will end up great. Maybe even better than we think it will. Insomniac isn't scared to push the envelope.

DJ3969d ago

They foster such great relationships with their developers, and between them as well. They also have the developers share and research a LOT of technologies, namely Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Evolution Studios, London Studios, and Guerilla.