Turning Point dev hits back at poor review scores

The CEO of Spark Unlimited, the developer behind upcoming FPS Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, has hit back at criticism from game reviewers, saying it is a "high concept idea" and isn't targeted at the "core gamer".

Speaking in an interview with at a preview event for Spark's new mythological FPS Legendary, CEO Craig Allen said the team did it's best to execute "with the time and money we had".

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PirateThom3975d ago

I hate it when devs get up themselves. I played the demo, the game does suck and bad reviews are warranted, the nonsense about "time and money" doesn't cut it. If your team can't make a good game, they can't make a good game.

Captain Tuttle3975d ago

Bah, you're shooting Nazis with bad controls. The game deserves it's mediocre scores. Sorry buddy.

BeaArthur3975d ago

I thought the demo wasn't bad, I mean I was never going to buy it but it seemed functional and all. But this game has been getting killed by reviewers. I was going to rent it but I probably won't even do that now.

THWIP3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

...for your next game (Legendary: The Box), I suggest you secure MORE "time and money", so as not to repeat your lackluster effort. :o

THWIP3975d ago

Some people are so [email protected] pathetic...clicking "disagree" on every post, of posters they generally don't like. Hope you don't mind looking like complete tools, for disagreeing with perfectly rational statements. :o

NPerez3975d ago

I disagree with questioning one's right to disagree at their own discretion. Does that seem rational enough to you?

mighty_douche3975d ago

Make all the excuses you want.

Make a crap game, expect crap scores.

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The story is too old to be commented.