Windows Vista SP1 Performance Test - Over 40 Programs Benchmarked

If you are a Windows Vista user sitting on the fence about whether to install SP1 when it comes out in a few weeks, or an XP user reluctant to upgrade because of concern over performance, you should have a clearer perspective after reading this 8-page article.

In the article, over 40 different applications and games are tested, to find out how performance is affected by installing SP1. Also tested was file copying with various file sizes and formats (this affects results significantly) and other integrated Windows operations.

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MuscleBuster3975d ago

One thing to note, Vista waits until all disk write commands are executed before it closes the dialog for copying files. XP closes the dialog once all write commands have been issued, even if they aren't finished. Thats why Vista hangs at the end. Not sure if SP1 changes that, or if they've actually sped up the copying somehow.

In any case, it's faster than retail which is nice!

titntin3975d ago

What a useless article for me!

I was attracted by 'XP user reluctant to upgrade because of concern over performance,'
That statement led me to believe that the benchmarks would show comparisons between XP Vista and Vista SP!. But thats not the case, theres is no information of performance with releation to current XP performance... Bah! :)

lowlight3975d ago

Unfortunately XP is missing many key features and programs that were tested in this article. Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Center, Windows Defender, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Mail, and Windows Contacts are all part of Vista, and can't really be compared to XP directly.

When XP SP3 comes out, I do intend to test it against Vista with SP1, using other applications.

Leathersoup3975d ago

I can't believe they didn't show performance specs on World of Warcraft. I mean... isn't that the only game people play on PCs anymore?

UT3 sold like 2 copies.

Yi-Long3975d ago

... and not the newer CS3!?

Anyway, I just hope it solves alot of the small annoyences, like the confirmation-click etc...
Other than that, I havent had much problems with Vista yet. It's running fine on my new PC, and my programs all seem to work properly, so cant say I hate it.

Only thing I DO dislike ALOT, is that the OEM version that came with this new PC is a 32 bit version, while I really want/need a 64 bit version, so I can upgrade the RAM.
Not really sure why they even made that limitation for the 32 bit version.