Gametap: Conflict: Denied Ops Review

While it's never in good form to dismiss a game just for being a budget title, it's games like Denied Ops that give budget shooters such a crappy rep. The game isn't broken by any means, but it's so astonishingly unimpressive in every way that it almost loops back around and becomes impressive because of how unimpressive it is. And while the notion of a good co-op shooter is always a tough thing to turn down, this isn't a good co-op shooter. Do yourself a favor, and deny Denied Ops your $50.

Pros: Co-op play both offline and via Xbox Live; it doesn't look horrible.

Cons: Two-character gameplay is depressingly underdeveloped; AI is busted on both sides of the battle; competitive multiplayer options are an awful joke; dialogue is a perfect storm of not good-bad, but bad-bad action movie cliches and copious swearing.

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