Gears of War Demo Rumors Debunked

Kotaku today speculated that we'd might see a demo but Mark Reign debunked that rumor on the Gears forum.

Mark Reign: "There Is No Demo"

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dantesparda6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

I want a demo, dammit! oh well I guess the vegas demo will have to do. Im really looking forward to that as well and COD3 demo would be nice too ;)

SjaakHaas6351d ago

Do you know when the Vegas Demo showsup on Marketplace?

dantesparda6351d ago

I think that its sometime around Oct 24th

calderra6351d ago

Uhhh... the GoW team have held this stance for monhts, people. Non-new.

dantesparda6351d ago

I know, but it sucks for me, cuz I want a demo.Something to tide me over til it comes out, ugh!

borgome6351d ago

This game is gonna be so Gre he he he he eaaasssy.

dantesparda6351d ago (Edited 6351d ago )

Damn! I missed it (the Ortiz, Shamrock fight) LOL! (cuz I saw the advertisement here) but we all know who would win that fight. Poor Shamrock, he used to be the man back in the days too

Sphinx6351d ago

...I really liked Shamrock from back in the day, its a shame such a putz is able to whoop him.

The Snake6351d ago

It was pretty funny. Ken didn't even get a shot in.

dantesparda6351d ago

i dont know why Ken keeps trying, it was pretty obvious after the second fight, that Tito was way tougher than him. But oh well, makes for good rivalries

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Rumored Gears of War Collection is at the top of my 2024 Xbox wishlist

As the long-rumored Gears of War Collection looks like it may finally materialize on Xbox, the timing could not be better as Gears 6 and movie news swirls.

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1Victor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

(Insert “It should be multi platform if Microsoft investors wants more money” JK here)
All jokes aside congratulations to all the gears fans it will be a blast I remember having fun on the first one on my 360 elite till got RROD and quit Xbox all together but that’s a story for another day.
Congratulations 🎊 🍾 🎉 🎈 🎉 🙏

Wyesvin46d ago

I'm excited for this just aslong is on the pc also cause I don't have the newest xbox console.

shinoff218345d ago

I enjoyed the tactical one. I can't remember the actual name but it was fun.


Gears of War Collection allegedly in testing phase for Xbox release

Marcus Fenix and the crew could be back on your screens once more, as the rumored Gears of War Collection is near completion on Xbox.

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VenomUK47d ago

Switch and PS5 owners are gonna love this.

Stuart575647d ago

Every article, console fanboy trite, all these years later. Let me explain it AGAIN, in simple terms for the fanboys. Sentient human gamers do have their preferred platform, however they will buy and own multiple platforms so they can enjoy the games they want to enjoy. I own and have owned multiple platforms, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and now Valve, simply to enjoy a wide range of games across a broad spectrum of platforms. It's great. You don't have to pick a 'team' and cheer them on through thick and thin, dissing the other 'team'. And for you 'VenomUK' to state 'Switch and PS5 owners are gonna love this', proves that you're a bit behind. Learn, enjoy, live, develop, trust and coexist if you can, life is better that way.

Blad3runner0047d ago

Well said.
This is why i never understand fanboying over hardware. This is not like a sports team, its just hardware. Why some people have this mentality to pick a side and stick with it and refuse to look at other platforms, therefore depriving themselves of games that are only available on those platforms. They are suppose to be gamers after all?