Fanboy Check Test

Take this 25 question test to see if you are a Fanboy of any of three major game companies.

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Sphinx6396d ago

And it said I am not a fanboy... but, the truth is, I sorta am. I love my 360, I like the idea of the Wii, but I really have a nasty taste in my mouth with Sony and the PS3. Well, maybe I'm not a fanboy, just a hater.

THAMMER16396d ago

I wonder if any one else will take this test and tell the truth on all answers.

Sphinx6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

...but I feel the need to explain my "haterness" a bit. I will definitely give Sony's PS3 a look, and if it becomes something worth getting, I'll get it. However, the PS2 broke down twice on me... the online sucked... they never delivered on their one million promises (emotion engine? wtf?)... etc. I felt burned by Sony, lied to, and now they are going a step further by taking their customers for granted, "The PS3 doesn't even have to play games and people would still buy it because it is a Playstation"?!? Sony really has a lot of making up to do before I give them another chance. That's all. *sob*

specialguest6396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

Comparison Summary:

Of the 72861 unique test takers...

For: Nintendo Fanboy

73% scored higher, and
26% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 227.9, your's was: 140.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------

For: Sony Fanboy

24% scored higher, and
74% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 167.9, your's was: 245.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------------

For: Microsoft Fanboy

41% scored higher, and
58% scored lower.

The average Raw Score is: 125.6, your's was: 135.

ha! im not a fanboy, but i do prefer the PS3 as my first choice console.

kmis876396d ago (Edited 6396d ago )

It said I was a 60% Nintendo fanboy and a 50% Sony fanboy and 11% Microsoft fanboy.

Nintendo - 300
Sony - 250
Microsoft - 55

"You aren't a fanboy, since you love both Nintendo and Sony. But you really hate Bill Gates and everything he creates. Or at least you don't care about anything he creates. "
I think not owning an original xbox and planning on using my grad school roomate's 360 instead of buying one myself really hurt me.

I thought it was kinda odd how it said I liked Nintendo more than Sony considering how ps3 will be my main console and wii will be my secondary console. Oh well.

andy capps6396d ago

My scores: Nintendo, 125 points; Sony, 285; Microsoft, 170.