Saints Row 2 'won't be bug free' admits dev

Volition, developer of upcoming open-world gangster epic Saints Row 2, has admitted that the game "won't be bug free" when it's released at some point this year.

Speaking at the unveiling of the game in London, Volition's Greg Donovan, producer on Saints Row 2, went on to say that he believes no game is ever released bug free, and detailed what the team was doing to ensure that Saints Row 2, which is coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime this year, will be as polished as possible,

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Storm234739d ago

Of course a game won't be completely and totally bug free and hopefully devs will do what they can to make it minimal.

Every dev on earth can say what this guy said.

JoelR4739d ago

Exactly - no piece of software that is complex will be free of error/bugs. It's common sense and common knowledge (or at least common knowledge to developers).

BrianC62344739d ago

I agree, why even talk about this? Nobody thinks any software is bug free. Games are complicated. Even on consoles. You can't test everything. There will be bugs. That's why you do updates. It's no big deal.

riksweeney4739d ago


Oh I beg to differ!

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
printf("Hello, world!\n");


Bug free!

calis4739d ago

That its. Instead of improving just accept mediocrity and do nothing about it. Did EA buy them?

permutated4739d ago


Don't push back the release date or anything, to make the game better and therefor sell more copies.

Good games are fun for 2 months and get shelved, perfect games get played forever.

Dorfdad4739d ago

FU man release the game when its not so craptastic! Pay some people to actually QA the damn thing.. Lazy developers for the lose.

Horrible trend That Microsoft is allowing these to happen on consoles now.. Back in the day they NEVER allowed this and with XBOX they allowed Patching which opened pandoras box..

Zinny4739d ago

Yeah I mean there were no crappy games on the PS1 or N64! Everyone was perfect and bug free.

zane5474739d ago

Singling out Microsoft is no good here. The sequel is for both 360 and PS3.

You bought an Xbox4739d ago

Then they can shove this Assains creed clone,GTA4 wannabe up their

SL1M DADDY4739d ago

It's sad too, I remember the days when you bought a game, it worked from start to finish and you never had the devs admiting to releasing a game incomplete. I say delay the game and release a more complete product. That is just MHO.

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