Saints Row 2 dev: 'we can compete with GTA 4'

Developer Volition believes Saints Row 2 will more than hold its own in the battle of the gangster sandbox games when it goes head to head with GTA 4 this year.

Speaking at the unveiling of the game in London, Volition's Greg Donovan, producer on Saints Row 2, added that he didn't believe Rockstar was "holding something back" with regards to cooperative play in GTA 4, a game mode he expects to be a "huge distinguishing factor" between the two titles.

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ape0074183d ago

haha,let's see if anyone gonna buy saints row2 after getting taste of GTA4.
volition leave saints row2 and focus on the next gen RED FACTION

Storm234183d ago

I can't believe they are making the new Red Faction a Third Person Shooter.

I have said from the beginning that Rockstar needs to have a co-op mode for offline and online to where you can just run around the city f*cking sh*t up. I hope they incorporate this like SR2 is. Either way GTA4 is going to destroy SR2.

Coffin874182d ago

sorry but, no, you simply can't.