The Wii U is Dead?……Don’t be an Idiot!‏

BG: ''I hear it every year just before Christmas; punters and pundits alike telling me how Manchester United are playing poorly, how their squad lacks the depth of its closest competitors, how some other team is going to run away with the league……..fools!''

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2415d ago

A G-G-g-g-g-g-GHOST!

Anyway, thanks for this article. How can we call the WiiU dead after 3 months?

PopRocks3592415d ago

Technically four, but the Vita's a good comparison since it's been out longer and has a similar, albeit cheaper price range. It was not selling any better for a year. After a price drop, it sold much better in Japan. If the Vita can turn itself around like that, so can the Wii U.

Ritsujun2415d ago Show
LOGICWINS2415d ago

"If the Vita can turn itself around like that, so can the Wii U."

Apples and oranges comparison.

PopRocks3592415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )


How so? They're video game platforms with extremely similar functionality and even similar launch issues. Unless you're suggesting it's because one is a handheld and the other is a console.

Need I remind you that this generation in particular for handhelds marks handheld devices becoming very similar to their console counterparts, both with features and with games.


Fair point, but I'm comparing the two based on the market and the overall similarities between the two. The Vita can act as a second screen on the PS3/PS4 for example.

But if you need a better example, look no further than the PS3, a console, or the 3DS, a Nintendo platform. Both of which also suffered early low sales but turned around immensely later on.

Th4Freak2415d ago

Well the difference is that PSV is only competing against 3DS while Wii U is competing against PS4, Xbox 720 and Steam Box.

Th4Freak2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

@PopRocks359 @thaimasker I'm not saying that Wii U doesn't have a chance or is dead, i'm just saying that handheld market and console market are very different.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32415d ago

The Vita has been out over a year before the price cut and was sitting between 4-5 million...over a year. That's terrible!!! So yeah, apple orange comparison.

PSVita2414d ago

@Poprocks-I agree. A lot opeople that aren't "hardcore gamers" just look at the prices, so I think a price drop could defiantly revive any system. The thing with the WiiU though is its selling at a loss right now so I don't see that happening any time soon.

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lilbroRx2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Its pretty much just the wishful thinking of Nintendo haters.

They want it to die and they want Nintendo to fail, so they will take every negative piece of news to the worst extreme and dismiss any and all positive news.

For a console to die it would have to not make profit. Nintendo is still making a small profit after all is said and done. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

LOL_WUT2415d ago

Oh boy here we go again...

The Wii U is by no means dead but, to say that it's not doing good would be an understatement. Oh, and not everyone who firmly criticizes Nintendo is a "hater" just letting you know. ;)

PopRocks3592415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )


'Oh, and not everyone who firmly criticizes Nintendo is a "hater" just letting you know. ;)'

Oh I'm sure he knows that. But I think that based on your comment behavior over the past few months, you're one of them.

delboy2415d ago

No one hates Nintendo, but they wish N to fail and go software only.
I think they are just jealous and want to play great games but can't afford a second console.

Garethvk2415d ago

I like ours but can honestly say we have not played it in weeks. We went through Mario and ZombiU and now wait for the next exclusive title as it would not be the platform of choice for any non exclusives for us.

Chidori2415d ago

No major 1st party games yet they say it's dead. Lol.

lilbroRx2415d ago

Or that the games are still under development as what was announced...just something rationalized logic there.

Chidori2415d ago

That's N4G for ya. Say the ps4 has a slower launch than the Wii U, I guarantee the same people saying the Wii U is dead will be most understanding claiming "it just needs some time". Lol. Sony shipped around 5 million ps3 systems near the end of 2007 (an entire year after launch), but look how things turned out in the end. The Wii U is sure to surpass those sales end of year, but I guess people don't really look at facts any more. Lol.

kB02415d ago

I def have interest in the Wii.U but for nintendo products in the last couple of years...since they are no longer HARDWARE competitive...I'd rather not pay this much for their console...

If and when the Wii.U drops down to 200-max 250+ game I'll jump on the train...but till then I'm sorry 300+ is super expensive...

Then again I'm mostly a portable gamer, so I am happy with my 3Ds and Vita for now:)

deafdani2415d ago

Wait, let me make sure if I got you right: you say that the Wii U, at $300+, is super expensive, yet you say you have a Vita? Which, as of now, retails at $250, without a propietary memory card included - which is REQUIRED for some game saves, thus ramping up the Vita's price towards the $300 or more range... yet that's fine to you?

That doesn't make the slightest amount of sense to me. Also, what do you think are the chances of Sony and Microsoft's next consoles being cheaper than Wii U?

Hicken2415d ago

You seem to have some reading comprehension issues.

He's not saying it's specifically about the price. But, rather, that the price Nintendo is asking for isn't representative of what the system is worth.

As an example, the 3DS wasn't viewed as being worth the original asking price- the very same $250 the Vita is set at- so sales were not what Nintendo expected. In many people's eyes, there simply was not enough technological improvement over the DS for the 3DS to be WORTH that much money. The Vita, while more costly, is viewed as being worth its asking price, even if the price is somewhat prohibitive for a handheld.

If, for some ridiculous reason, the PS4 and Nextbox released at, say, $250, that'd be a steal. They'd almost certainly be worth that, whether their performance far outstripped the Wii U or not. At the same time, if they showed significant improvement over their predecessors and, indeed, the Wii U, would they not be worth more than the value the Wii U is set at?

Again, it's more about the value of the device than the price. There's a pretty sizable difference.

Jadedz2415d ago

Nintendo math is a ''-'' for some, while Sony's math is a huge ''+'' xD (you totally called that person out, unless they got their Vita used).

MikeMyers2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"As an example, the 3DS wasn't viewed as being worth the original asking price- the very same $250 the Vita is set at- so sales were not what Nintendo expected. In many people's eyes, there simply was not enough technological improvement over the DS for the 3DS to be WORTH that much money. The Vita, while more costly, is viewed as being worth its asking price, even if the price is somewhat prohibitive for a handheld."

How can the Vita be viewed as being worth its amount but not the 3DS when sales suggest both need a price drop to improve sales? You can have a 4K television for $20,000 but most consumers will not see the value. So are you speaking in production costs or consumer value because right now consumers do not see the Vita as having the value otherwise the 3DS would not be outselling it. Consumers see more than just the price, they see the content. This is why Sony had to make an adjustment many times for the PS3 hardware when they did just like the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Value is more than what the hardware can do.

I think right now the PS3 offers the best value out of the current consoles but not everyone would agree and that is because everyone views value differently. The Wii-U is being sold at a loss but its value is not there for the consumer because of the content. Just like Vita, consumers don't see value in it yet even though Sony might not be making much money on the hardware.

kB02414d ago

Hicken Seems to get it:) thank you.

You can't compare oranges to apples as the same fruit, you can compare their quality though!

Vita Offers near tablet features, and packs in a lot of horsepower on the go and let's not forget the OLED screen., the 3Ds pack 3D and near Wii graphics and both are PORTABLE which raises their value.

We all know that anything portable is more expensive than it's stationary counter part.

Example Laptops vs PC Desktops. A 1200$ will be trumped by a 1200$ Desktop, yet if you travel or think about the fact that the laptop includes the monitor, mouse and keyboard with a battery all packed in one small sleek design, you start thinking about other values the laptop has over desktop.

The Vita currently in Canada could be found for 199.99 for assassin's Creed bundle if you bargain shop, the vanilla console also can be found for 199.99 pretty regularly. The 32 GB card has even seen price drops to 69.99$ during sales.

Your right, the general price is still expensive, but when you compare it to's still cheaper than the nexus 32 GB if you are more into games than other app features.

If Sony were able to, it would be very smart if they found a way where you could DUAL boot into Android off your memory card.

Anyways, I don't mind waiting 6 months to a year. I did that for the Wii and never regretted it, I do regret buying the 3Ds at launch (no features promised were included), and I regret having a Vita during these dead days lol.

Honestly as consumers WE NEVER WIN. Either we're over our necks in games or are left in the dark....there is no balance, we go from 1-2 games a month (which honestly 1-4 should be enough) to have 15+ games a month! That's insane! lol

Anyways I don't see the Wii.U as dead, I don't think any1 does...but I do see them in trouble at least until they can push our more games or manage to at least break even for cost.

deafdani2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

That's quite a bunch of stuff to make out of a little post.

No, sorry. He just said that "the Wii U is super expensive". It isn't. I commented on that, and that alone.

You make way too many assumptions, but I'll entertain your point a bit here.

Nintendo is reportedly losing about $25 dollars per Wii U sold. So, I don't see how that makes the Wii U "super expensive", when they're actually selling it at a slight loss.

To make my point a bit further, take a look at this graph:

Of course, this graph doesn't show that the PS3, while actually super "expensive" as a game console at the time it launched, was in fact an absolute steal when you stopped to consider that the cheapest blu ray player at the moment was about a thousand bucks (so, the PS3 was probably the best priced console of all time, considering all the stuff it packed inside).

But, in the general viewpoint of console prices, the Wii U is actually VERY competitively priced when you watch that graph.

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B-radical2415d ago

Not dead until ps4 and durango offence nintendo dudes

TXIDarkAvenger2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Even then the Wii U won't be dead. Get real, Nintendo consoles/handhelds will always be relevant.

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