DJ Hero Deserved Better

Game Informer - Freestyle Games' DJ Hero series had just what the music genre needed: unique gameplay, a cool turntable peripheral, and an infusion of fresh beats from the worlds of dance music and hip-hop. Unfortunately, it was doomed by circumstance and a glut of guitar games.

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shadowwizard3124d ago

Yes it did, I really enjoyed it.

JonahNL3124d ago

I loved DJ Hero. Not only did it bring something new to the table, it also united two of my favourite things in general.

Dark5tar13124d ago

DJ Hero was one of the best games to come out of the 2000s music game craze, I loved it and would love to see a reboot.

Tyre3124d ago

If there is one game that deserved worse it's DJ Hero.

Hicken3124d ago

I don't see how you can say that. It was a great franchise but, like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it was handled poorly.

CoolBeansRus3124d ago

It was a fun game, but it made my hands hurt lol

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