PS3 to simulate black hole collisions

How much do you value your brain? Hopefully enough to know not to fry it by trying to understand all the research, formulas, and theories behind the project to use 16 PS3's to simulate a collision of two black holes.

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XiaoSet4185d ago

I remember seeing an article about this weeks ago, is this the same one again?

Tempist4185d ago

I think that had to do something about blackhole gravity or gravity forces and such. Either way, yes, the PS3 is being used for big time math science.

TheHater4185d ago

now, if only EA can use this power to make an actually game that run on par with it 360 counter part. Dam you EA, and your crappy ports.

XiaoSet4185d ago

They need to start making games on PS3 first, then porting to 360. That's how they did it with Burnout, worked great.

You bought an Xbox4185d ago

Two Xbox's put them side by side in a tv cabinet turn them on, let them heap's of junk overheat and then KafukinBoom !!
You can simulate an exposion of cataclysmic proportions that would blow a new ass in that Black Hole

NO_PUDding4185d ago

They will, they did say at the start of the year that PS3 will be prominent platform this year. That will obviosuly coincide with their developments. And all otehr developers are sayign it's easier to develop on PS3 THEN port to 360.

Proxy4185d ago

There's a possibility that this simulation will un-knowingly create the first sentient machine, which will attempt to take over the world.

Kleptic4185d ago

ha you beat me to it...

PlayNet...its coming...

xhi44184d ago

bubbles for all of youse!

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The story is too old to be commented.