Sony and Xfire confirm online PS3 partnership

Xfire is developing a middleware solution that will allow developers to incorporate cross-platform communications between users playing on PC and the PlayStation 3 console.

Sony's PS3 launch title Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom will be the first title to incorporate online functionality via the Xfire gaming service, allowing users to communicate whether using console or home computer.

The announcement confirms rumours that surfaced last month, and highlights Sony's willingness to incorporate third-party solutions in its answer to Microsoft's Xbox Live.

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Captain Tuttle6260d ago

Is this going to be permanent or is this just a stopgap measure until Sony gets its' own network up? If this is the final then it seems kind of half-a$$ed IMO.

zerofunction6260d ago

Maybe im missing somthing, but what exactly is Xfire going to do?

Deceased6260d ago

Only certain publisher or developers will use x-fire. It is like a second choice beside Sony's non-existant network. And if the PS3's netwrok is anything like the PSP then i feel sorry for the people who like online play. BTW X-Fire blows hard, it is nothing special and is by no means anywhere near the quality of xbox live. BTW did you know that on xbox live we are going to be able to download tv series and music. I am 100% sure that they will offer Urge on XBox Live to purchase music and put it on a 360, or tranfer it from Zune to the 360.

6260d ago
RuffRyder6260d ago

Lol achira is such a retard, he is obviously mad at sony for this and is taking his anger out on everyone else.

Smellslikepie6260d ago

Most people who own a 360 do use online play, I can't remember the announcement but it's over 50%.

USMChardcharger6260d ago

achira, you can be a punk.

you always come at people so hard. ease up and just debate smartly. you show no smarts when you attack like that.

this is not a battle field. i know what a battle field looks like and this is not one.

i know others can be just as harsh...but you don't have to do it too.

if you can come back @ someone cool and calm, it shows more strength.

Mikey_Gee6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

I hate to pop your bubble man, but I have been a console guy from the start ... like the atari 2600 start .... and I love my PS2 and XBOX and I love my 360 as I am sure I will love my PS3 .... BUT .... to deny or downplay the online stuff is just stupid.

Have you ever tried XBOX LIVE ??? From your comment I would say "NO"

This day and age a good online experience is HUGE in games .... if anyone out there has not tried online ......... WHY NOT ?? For real, it takes game fun to ANOTHER LEVEL.

And that is not even considering the demo downloads, content download, add-on downloads, friends list, live video chat, live VOIP.

So, since I am not a HARDCORE fanboy to either camp but rather a gamer who wants ALL THE CONSOLES, I can say with no doubt in my mind ...


USMChardcharger6260d ago

Smellslikepie, it is something like 65% to 70% are connected to LIVE now. it is going up fast.

i remember when LIVE came out. articles from news sites (like Cnn/Fox...that type) stated that LIVE out of the gates grew faster than AOL and other adventures as such. may not have peeked as fast...but out of the gate it was faster.

TheMART6260d ago

Achira, you only have 3 bubbles, use them wise man. Don't end up with one bubble, that's no good for discussion

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TheMART6260d ago

Hahahaaa Enjoy the 'free' network guys!

For real. I just knew Sony couldn't deliver themselves again, over and over again. This stinks like rotten fish guys. X-fire is nowhere the maturity of XBL. It's just another open network concept like they had with the PS2 but just a bit updated.

And now they try to say: "See us, we do a sort of Life Anywhere connecting to PC users, using this x-fire concept!"

But actually it's a weak proposal guys. You can still cancel your pre-orders on PS3 by the way...

andy capps6260d ago

This is in addition to the PS3 network that will be up and running for this game, the producer has said. You can use this or the PS3 network. Let's wait and see how this works first and then pass judgment. So far the multiplayer verdict on Resistance has been that it's awesome and no lag, but it is not using Xfire (that we know of).

TheMART6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

Stupid double postings...

Anyhow, it's just like the specs of the RSX. Where we are not certain about, keep quiet and when people are into the concept and pre-ordered let's get the truth out. That's it's not gaming first, but Sony pushing boxes first. Lying again, not delivering. Man I hate Sony for doing it with the PS2 to me and I'm glad I didn't walk into their false promisses again!

6260d ago
DaKid6260d ago

How can such a idiot like you have 3 bubbles?

TheMART6260d ago

Because what I question here are normal things. Things that are actually something you should ask yourself also.

But since you're fanboys and you Achira own 3 bubbels it's clear. Listen. Try to post articles also overhere. Contribute to the site, which you now actually don't.

Name calling also won't give you bubbles. It can take some from you actually

USMChardcharger6260d ago (Edited 6260d ago )

Achira, because he dosen't use cuse words every other word like you.

he debates and does not attack.
every one may not agree with him, but he does it in a correct way.

i own a 360 and do not agree w/ everything he says...but at least i can read his arguments.

i am about real close to skipping over anything you have to say from now on.

your post, a few above, is a perfect example of why you have very few bubbles left.

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