What's Cliffy B Doing Now?

Super PolyPixel - Many people have been wondering what he’ll want to do after leaving Epic Games. He was with Epic for twenty years and decided just last year to move on from that. So what’s to become of the wünderchild from Epic?

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Knight_Crawler2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

You apparently since you clicked on the article and gave it a comment.

Edit @ALOS: So why click on an article that does not interest you - obviously something about the article caught his attention enough for him to care to click on the article and leave a comment.

If you saw an article with the headline "How to stop menstrual cramps" would you click on it and leave a comment that says who cares?

Alos882145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I'm starting to get tired of this reply, it feels like every time I see someone say "who cares?" this is always the first response.
Edit: No, I'm saying that you are replying with a boring, tired cliche that is no longer clever or insightful.

Root2145d ago

"at below, so you are saying that people are that bored and do not have anything better to do than to click on an article that they are not interested in and leave a comment?"

Well people who posts comments usually have nothing better to do anyway....isn't that why were on here.

I mean if you were busy in life you probably wouldn't have an account on here would you.

Xaphy2145d ago

I read the headline and I remembered Peter Griffin and felt like saying it. Yes I'm bored at the office and have nothing better to do.

morganfell2145d ago

Cliff is burning time until his new endeavor falls flat on it's face. At that point he'll come crawling back to consoles with some story about how things have changed but by then too many people will see him the way some of us already do.

Tyre2145d ago

Set the trolls straight Knight_Crawler. Very good reply. Continue with your project!

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Zechs342145d ago

Eating crap on Twitter trying to remain relevant.

InMyOpinion2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Sure you're not confusing him with David Jaffe? At least Cliff has worked on worthwhile games this gen.

HammadTheBeast2145d ago

Gears isn't worthwhile. Second one maybe, the rest were crap.

Zechs342145d ago

Insecure much? Nobody brought up Jaffe or Gears.

Simply stated that Cliff is douche-bag. Thats the popular and most accurate opinion.

Obviously bubble count is not indicative of intelligence anymore.

Muffins12232145d ago

Shitting away time idk...

rickybadman2145d ago

Every major publisher cares. Dude is gonna get money thrown at him when he is ready to return