EA acquisition would "kill creativity", says Ubisoft boss

Speculation of an acquisition by publishing giant Electronic Arts has refused to go away, after the company bought a 20 per cent stake in Ubisoft two years ago.

"We have the capability, the management, the brands, the studios and the energy to go on alone," said Alain Corre, executive director for Ubisoft EMEA.

"I think it would be dangerous for a company like Ubisoft to get together too much with a company like EA, because it could kill creativity - and in our industry, I think that's key."

"The plan is for us to go on developing the business ourselves. What we have proven over the last 18, 20 months after EA got into our capital is that being independent, keeping our own strategy, was very lucrative and was the right thing to do," he added.

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Jak4ever6405d ago

Stay the heck away from UBISOFT!!.. EA is big enough and we dont need Sam Fisher in the game!!!!!

Please! put up a fight.

USMChardcharger6404d ago

they would kill creativity. they kill everything they do.

EA is the worst thing that happened to all gamers. there use to be a time they strived for profection.

if they take ubi over...i hope they all quit and start a new company.

they would lose all of the IP's though.

i wish M$ would take them in. they leave their guys alone as is. they know not to mess with a good thing...Lionhead is a perfect example.

USMChardcharger6404d ago

notice this statment in the article...

"The idea for us is to tap into the genres we're not in. We did that last summer with the acquisition of Driver and the Reflections studio, so we're now into racing more. We want to go down that route and get the skills to develop sports and RPG games in the future," revealed Corre."

Racing, RPG's, and the big one SPORTS. That is a threat to EA (as they see it)...another sports contender. EA will do everything to stop that...look at what they have done to try and stop 2k (take2).

damn EA, just except some friendly competion. I know, i know...that would make you have to work harder. Cry me a freakn river EA. Lazy a$$'s.

ok i feel better.

Marriot VP6404d ago

just to note, EA owns the rights to the NFL and NCAA so Ubisoft couldn't make a madden game counterpart.

That's why EA blows so much because they have a monopoly over those games. Ubisoft would blow EA out of the water if they got the rights.

USMChardcharger6404d ago

no but other sports that EA is involved.

MoonDust6404d ago

This will kill all the Ubisoft games! Ubisoft won't let it happen! They will run to Microsoft before it does!

OutLaw6404d ago

That does sound interesting.

Marriot VP6404d ago

If MS bought Ubisoft I would be incredibly happy. Because their games would be exclusive making them better games for the system.

It's unlikely but if they did it would really boost their sales having that kind of talent onboard.

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BG3 has won everything possible. It's insane.

TGG_overlord2d ago

That's right, well, BG3 deserved it imo.

anast2d ago

It's definitely a game of the generation if not all time.

InUrFoxHole2d ago

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