SimCity not working for you? 5 alternative city-building games

Publisher Electronic Art’s latest city-building game is struggling. SimCity requires a constant connection to the Internet, but its servers are collapsing under high demand. Gamers can’t even start playing. Others are losing progress as connections timeout and the game fails to save. It’s a mess. EA is trying to fix the problem by adding new servers, but that could take a couple of days.

In the meantime, plenty of similar games are out and available even if you don’t have a reliable connection.

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wita3117d ago

Good recommendations!

Sadie21003117d ago

I'd normally scoff at CityVille but....

Megaton3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Anno has junk DRM, too. Not always-online, but activation limit without any revoke tools. I wanna try Cities XL, though.

vega2753117d ago

Cities xl needs to be optimized. Once you reach a certain amount the game just slows down. Regardless of how much your pc can handle it. I have it and it pretty good. Just thats one of the major issues about It

Tr10wn3117d ago

Yeah last i heard the game was still using 1 core?

DudeJets3117d ago

i bought XL a last year due to wanting a sim city game... it was dire :(

2pacalypsenow3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I dont know if its just me but sim city 4 was Hard i could never balance it hospitals cost too much

TuxedoMoon3117d ago

Cites XL 2012 looks really cool. Might check that game out when I get the money. Any other recommendations?

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