7 Times Games Forced Us Online (Against Our Will)

Some games force online-only measures onto people. It sucks! Especially when some titles, like these seven, 100% didn't need it.

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shauzy1306d ago

i dont even know what to gain from this

meep3161306d ago

publishers gain control by forcing you online.

shauzy1305d ago

i meant what to gain from this knowledge, this list, whats the point of it why make it why should i know these games, sure yeah i do recall some games needing me to be online even to play single player but, why should i know this "seven times" thing

eiduladha1306d ago

yeah i Love to play games

Xavi4K1306d ago

I don’t care I cannot recall the last time I didn’t have internet connection

PiNkFaIrYbOi1306d ago

You are either sort of young or very old and have memory issues.

Besides the internet can go down for various reasons.

Lord_Sloth1306d ago

Lookit me, I can't even type 7 paragraphs on a single page! Give me clicks!!!

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