Why Blu-ray will be the next DVD

From EngadgetHD:

"Everyone loves a fight, and no sooner was the HD movie format war over, many analyst and pundits were setting up Blu-ray's next battles. We love to watch a fight as much as the next person -- more like watching a train wreck really -- but some of the craziness just has to stop. Many give consumers too much credit, and even worse are ignoring the facts. Blu-ray has the best chance to replace DVD, and we're going to tell you why. There is no arguing that DVD currently rules the roost, but it won't forever and the battle to overtake DVD is being fought on two main fronts."

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decapitator4186d ago

I didn't know EngadgetHD did blu ?!?! ...Well nonetheless, good article. I agree with this 100%. Also I would like to add PS3 in it.

lawman11084186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

It will NEVER replace DVD. $25 to $30 bucks a movie is CRAZY !! You can buy new release movie on DVD for less then $20.00 and if you wait a month or so it can be under $10.00.

Palodios4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

You do realize that cost will go down, right? Its expensive to make blu-ray discs. Check amazon, the price of a single blu-ray disc is atleast 15 dollars (and even more for dual-layered discs). Sure, when produced in bulk for movies, they cost a lot less, but even if it costs 4 or 5 dollars to make them, that's a lot more than the pennies it costs to make dvd discs.

Now that Blu-ray is thee high def disc, that price will drop dramatically.

ruibing4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Believe me, if it wasn't for Blu Ray, I would have downloaded the last couple of movies I bought through BitTorrent. There is no way I would buy something when an alternate free, non-DRM is available, especially when it is not a tangible product.

PS360WII4186d ago

I don't know as much as I like BluRay (I have 25 movies so far) I think DVD will be the next ummm DVD. Those examples he uses are one pointing to digital distribution which doesn't have anything to do with DVD and then the upcoverter yes some care about clarity but and while it is noticably different it still doesn't have that same impact as vhs to dvd. I'm sorry it's true. I know I'm going to get 100 billion disagrees but that's how I look at it. DVD to BluRay for as nice it is, is no where near the switch from vhs to dvd in terms of audio, visual, storage, and the fact that it wouldn't be ruined over time.

That was the biggest plus. 5 year old vhs tapes did not look the same as 1 year old vhs tapes. 5 year old dvd's have the same quality as they did on day one. Plus no magnet is going to wipe away your data, the player won't eat the tape, and many units around are easy to use for recording and re-recording at a very affordable price.

My 2 cents at least ;)

sonarus4186d ago

well everyone's opinions will be split and there will be no way of knowing until blu ray actually begins to gain momentum. I believe ppl will switch to blu ray just as ppl are switching to hdtv. With blu rays new promotions in places such as blockbuster, it will really help to get blu ray out there. Blu ray will start to take off this yr but that is purely opinion. When big titles such as lord of the rings, star wars, indiana jones start to show up on blu ray and get a lot of attention curious consumers will take that plunge. Price must go down first off course. People like technology and that is exactly what blu ray is the next technological step. With the full backing of the entire Hollywood movie industry blu ray will make some leaps this yr. But thats just my opinion

PS360WII4186d ago

oh for sure unit sales will definatly increase both in terms of hardware and movie sales. Now that the standard is known it'll be easier for people to pick one up. I just don't see a massive wave of everyone buying BluRay.

fenderputty4186d ago

so far BD has been adopted at a faster rate then DVD. People want to use their HDTV's. They don't know that 1080p is only useful above 42-45 inches. All they know is, BD movies look 10x better then DVD on those HDTV's when they walk into bestbuy or circut city or wherever. People want to move to the next format and will do so as more and more people aquire new HDTV's. People want a physical format as well. Until DD gives users the freedom that discs give us, it's going to have a hard time getting mass appeal.

BD has one more thing on it's side. The PS3. I know at least two people with standalones now because they've watched a movie on my PS3. The more the PS3 penetrates the market, the better the chances of BD's mass success.

Also ... at least in the US, digital is becoming the standard. People will soon (another year or so) be forced to either buy a converter or, upgrade their TV when digital becomes the norm. This is going to force even more people into the HD market. Prices will coninue to drop, the PS3 will continue to sell and HDTV's will continue to become the norm on a daily basis. Well ... maybe not daily but, you get my point.

TheExodus4186d ago

The broadcast standard change from analog to digital will not force an upgrade to HD for the simple fact that analog to digital is not synonymous with SD to HD. Just given the demographics of US households when it comes to personal income I'd bet that well over ½ of us will be making the change to digital via converters & SDTVs.

fenderputty4186d ago

analog and digital aren't synonomous with SD and HD but, some people WILL convert over once everything is digital. My girlfriends father is one of them. He knows he's going to have to get a new Cable box. He knows he's going to either need a new converter or TV. So ... he's going to get a new TV and a BD player in a year. He's not converting now ... hes waiting for next year's TV deals and the coming of digital. The chaning of analog and digital will play a role. It might not be huge but, a role none the less.

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PimpHandStrong4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

BR will become the new dvd. If it does become the main form of movie retail then you can bet the PS3 will sell more then the PS2. When the price for a new release is under 20 bucks it will become the main cd based money maker for the movie bizz

Its all crystal ball stuff but if it becomes fact that BR takes out normal dvd's the PS3 will sell 180-200mil units by the time its replaced

I bet the next Wii plays BR movies

IntelligentAj4186d ago

I doubt the Wii will play BD's. You have to remember Nintendo doesn't believe in making a media center gamin console. According to them a gaming console should only play games, nothing else.

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