Techtree LittleBigPlanet Preview

From Techtree:

"There are many games releasing this year that have me excited, on the Xbox and the PS3, specially PC with Starcraft 2 (if it comes out this year). Among the games I'm most excited about is Little Big Planet; experts are calling it the next big thing. Before you get all inquisitive and analytical about the innovations in the game, let me tell you that the game involves little pi ata-type creatures and a lot of building blocks. There are a few videos out in the market that explain the game mechanics; no public beta has been released, so only a handful of people have played the game. I've gathered info from a couple of videos: this is a game with some fun involved without shooting aliens or stealing cars. It is a PS3 exclusive and, according to many, a big reason to buy the PS3."

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Massacre4189d ago

I can't speak for others but I can speak for myself. This is the "GAME" that will push me over the edge to pick up a PS3. MGS4 is wanted as well.

sonarus4189d ago

i wonder how many ps3 exclusives it takes to get to the center of a 360 fanboys heart. By xmas we will knw if its enough

decapitator4189d ago

I will be picking up this game as well. I like whole publishing levels idea. I heartily welcome it.

DEADEND4189d ago

It won't take much this year because the 360 only has GEARS OF WAR 2 for the holiday, while the PS3 has a hand full of games and on top of that there are multi-platform games as well that will run just as good as the 360 version. So this year you will see a lot of people from the side lines buying a PS3, either they will be PS2 owners or 360 converts. Just look at the line up for this year alone, you have GTA4, MGS4, TEKKEN 6, LBP, SOCOM, R:FOM2, KILLZONE 2, MOTORSTORM 2, and more to be announced .

Palodios4188d ago

"There are two important aspects of LBP. The first is to create, and the second is to play"
Get it right bud. There are three things, and in different order. Play, create, share! Oh man, it should be awesome.