Phantasy Star Universe Beta Delayed

I'm sure many of you will have been getting yourselves hyped up and fully equipped to play the upcoming Phantasy Star Universe Beta, after we broke the news story yesterday.

However, this morning, SEGA have given us the unfortunate news that the Beta has, in fact, been delayed.

"We apologize, but the BETA release dates have changed. The release date will no longer be Oct 11th, but should see release very soon after. Please watch this page, as well as our Official Phantasy Star Universe forums for more information. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to seeing everyone online very soon!"

Well, I guess a late Beta is better than no Beta. I hope I see some of you guys online when it's eventually released

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unleash bass5903d ago

I was looking forward to this, well I still am, but it's really annouying when things are announced only to change the following day. Why don't people make sure they know what's what before they announce stuff. It's about time this industry started getting things right first time! eg. Just about every game released has to be patched due to lag. Don't they test? I know I've kinda gone off on one but, this sort of thing is getting to be a regular thing. Boo! Boo! Boo!