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GoozerNation.com writes, "I have a lot of fond memories of the Phantasy Star series, specifically two titles: Phantasy Star II for the Sega Genesis and Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast.

I can remember excitedly picking up Phantasy Star II from a Toys R Us with some gifted money from my Grandmother. I recall it costing something ridiculous -- even by today's standards -- the number $79.99 has stuck in my head all these many years. My mother whispered to me, "Do not tell your Grandmother that you spent this much on a video game." But I swear to god, I got my $80 worth of it. Phantasy Star II was by far my favorite Genesis game, and when I opened Pandora's Box and defeated the final boss, I couldn't have been more proud of myself. "

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kube004640d ago

Wish I would have played this back in the day.

DA_SHREDDER4640d ago

The Dreamcast version is the best in the series. All it needed was voice chat and more content. The universe, the gameplay, the charm, and the characters set the standard for the series. Then they ruined it with Phantasy Star Universe. Not that it was a bad game, but when they changed the gameplay and fixated the spells and assigned them to the weapons it took the magic out of the magic. And made spell casters mainly healers.

ddelella4639d ago

I got excited that possibly Sega decided to continue a good series. The Xbox 360 PSU was great but it took them a while to get a good update strategy and they never updated the core graphics or networking. The game was extremely laggy and the same monsters with different wrappers. We are due for a PSU2.


Can't There Be a Good Xbox MMO?

VGU.TV's Andrew Nino explores the sad legacy of MMO attempts on the Xbox and Xbox 360, and why massively multiplayer gameplay has had such a hard time getting by on Microsoft consoles.

Chrono4131d ago

MMOs and consoles aren't good friends.

kratos1234131d ago

DCUO is pretty good in my opinion and you can see that the devolpers are quit happy with what they have build on the ps3.

ab5olut10n4131d ago

i think it's just difficult to do mmo's on consoles in general

wwm0nkey4131d ago

PSO2, TERA, Defiance(is coming to 360) and maybe Elder Scrolls Online will work since it only has 5 action buttons.

Seriously though PSO2 and TERA need to come to PS3/360 or next gen systems at least.

InMyOpinion4131d ago

I have been wondering that all this gen.

Still amazed why they didn't create an MMO game where you play as your avatar. Give the accessories you can buy attributes etc.

theWB274131d ago

Dammit I was looking forward to True Fantasy Online back with the old box. Shed a tear when it got cancelled. It was to be my jump into the MMO arena. Sigh : (

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The 15 Worst Video Game Sequels of All Time

Sequels don't always work out. Sometimes they even hurt the series or franchises they are attached to. These are 15 worst sequels to ever release in video game history.

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PrimeLantern4175d ago

The article talks about most of the games pretty quickly and then all of a sudden STAR WARS. STAR WARS EVERYWHERE.

4175d ago
GREW50ME4175d ago

Why is there no mention of Diablo 3?

kirbyu4170d ago

The only thing I don't like about SMB2 is the controls for picking up stuff is confusing.

kirbyu4170d ago

Also, Doki Doki Panic is a Nintendo game. So SMB2 isn't a copy, it's a localization.

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'Phantasy Star Universe' shut down by Sonic Team

Phantasy Star Universe has shut down completely following the closure of its remaining servers.

The multiplayer online game, which went live in 2006, was still in operation in Japan until Sonic Team pulled the plug in the Asian territory this week.

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Edward754285d ago

Goodbye to a game that gave me quite a few memories. I met some people on PSU that I still play with today. Always sad to see a game go..... Thank you Phantasy Star Universe.

Griffin48714285d ago

Was a good game, and it should have been treated much better than Sega did.

3-4-54285d ago

Never played any phantasy star game but it seems as though I'm missing out.

How is the DS game ?

nihonlight4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

Phantasy star online was awesome and so fun for it's time.
And....it's coming to vita! ^^

JAMurida4285d ago

R.I.P PSU, Goodtimes were had and won't ever be forgotten.