Do You Remember Your First Nintendo Experience?

With the NES coming up to it's 25 year anniversary this year, we take a look back at out earliest Nintendo experiences - can you remember yours?

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BrotherNick4188d ago

Mine was playing duck hunt with my dad, I cheated by standing at the screen. >.>;

ChickeyCantor4188d ago

didnt we all? XD
I cant really remember my first nintendo expierence....but all i remember is that my gaming life started with the NES

kewlkat0074188d ago

it was my cousin that got the console for his birthday. I was poor back then..but eventually would own one then the SNES(my favorite console of all time).

I remember playing, you guessed it, Mario Bros and Hogans Ally.Well the rest was history. Those were the days, my heart was filled with joy, playing something I could not yet afford.

I wonder if it is the same for some and todays consoles.

Mighty Boom4188d ago

I was at my dads friends house and his son had a Nintendo. I remember playing Gyromite with robbie the robot. I was hooked. I also played Kung Fu! I remember he also had a single cartridge with like 50 games on it. I loved going over to my dads friends house.

MK_Red4188d ago

Super Mario Bros and Contra. Didn't like Mario, fell in love with Contra.