Zero Punctuation Reviews: Crysis 3

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Crysis 3.

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WolfLeBlack2105d ago

Oh, Yahtzee, you old dog. Your videos help thousands, nay, milllions, of people around the world get through the week.

Anyway, I've not gotten around to Crysis 3 yet. Yes, Yahtzee beat the snot out of it with a large stick, but I quite enjoyed Crysis 2 and do have a fondness for bows at the moment, so it might be worth a blast.

Speaking of which, with all these bloodys bows going around at the moment is anyone else getting a hankering for a Robin Hood game? Imagine all the cool stuff that could be done.

And there could be a mission where you rob from EA and give to the poor. :P