PS4 Testers Phishing on Facebook via Fake Playstation Network Account

Amy White : "Just noticed a post in my FB stream that screams too good to be true."

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iGAM3R-VIII2104d ago

How could you even fall for it, the controller is completely different. I am sure Sony would at least put the real controller

caseh2103d ago

Hopefully a few thousand people got parted of their identities in regards to this little stunt.

badkolo2103d ago

that pic of the ps3 , obviously cant be real since its not revealed but i assume that the controller which looks sexy in that pic but in all honesty, that ps4 pic looks good, i wouldnt mind at all if thats what the ps3 looks like

HarryMasonHerpderp2103d ago

Ugh why are people so horrible? I hate scams I could never do that to another person, I bet people got genuinely excited for this and they've just been screwed over by some douche bag.

caseh2103d ago

Sorry but there's no forgiving people who are that gullible...

By the way, i'm a Nigerian banker and I recently came into $8.6mil dollar, I can't access it because the bank have frozen my account due to unpaid bills but if you give me your credit card details i'll give you $2.4mil for helping me...and ill throw in a PS4.

Welcome to the internet, stealing the identities/monies of noobs for 20+ years.

HarryMasonHerpderp2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

It doesn't make it right though.
I just don't understand how you could steal from another person and not feel bad about it. Some people just really don't give a s*** and it pisses me off.

creeping judas2103d ago

10,000+ people fell for it. Today, there is one for the Next Box, promising exactly the same thing, and that one got 10,000+ likes pretty fast!! Some people are just so gullible.

Intentions2103d ago

How can you fall for it....

If it was legit, it will be on sony's official facebook/twitter etc (this applies to other companies too)

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