Microsoft shows displays with built-in Kinect, predicts future laptop integration

Microsoft's Kinect sensor may soon be integrated in a TV or laptop in the future. Speaking at Microsoft's TechForum in Seattle this week, Craig Mundie, senior advisor to the CEO, revealed where Microsoft is looking to take Kinect.

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Kalowest2148d ago

Big Brother is watching you!!!

NewMonday2148d ago


waving your hand inches away from the screen is a new level of ludcruse

silverbeld2148d ago

Microsoft goes Big Brother root.

Kinect tv's will be another fail attempt from Microsoft.

SHORYUKEN2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Kinect tv will fail big time.

Perjoss2148d ago

Don't think so two dimensionally. Touch screens are cool and you can simulate depth to a certain degree by applying more pressure but something like kinect can measure distance and depth.

ALLWRONG2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Tell me alousow. How do you feel now that the PS4 has a Kinect rip off? Funny how you PS guys like to deny it's existence.

@ below. So the PS Eye has a 3D camera and infra red laser tracking? Every time you guys compare the two you look foolish.

FlameBaitGod2148d ago

Forgot ms had a pseye b4 sony /s. That y your name is allwrong, you cant post anything right.

hazardman2148d ago

All fanboy shit aside tho. Kinect is better than MOVE!

sourav932148d ago

Just how kinect was an eyetoy ripoff?

zebramocha2148d ago

@hazard from a technology stand point yes,for an in put device for games,HELL No!

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LackTrue4K2148d ago

This reminds me, didn't Kinect come out for pc.......?!
I know it did, but did anything good come out of it?! Any games use it...?

Death2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It was released with the SDK's for developer use. It wasn't released for consumer use yet since there really aren't any practical applications for it at this time.

Somebody2148d ago

They are having problems adapting the Kinect for laptops? A device that was originally a webcam (MS bought the whole company to fully own the tech) for PCs that they pimped into a console controller but now couldn't revert it back for the PC?

There were a lot of ideas and experimentation from independent developers using the PC version/SKU. Wonder what happened to them?

southernbanana2148d ago

I remember reading an article that stated Microsoft bought the company for their patents not for their tech. Microsoft was already pretty far along with Kinect development when they purchased the company you are talking about.

Omni-Tool2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

@Somebody and Southernbanana

The company you are referring to is PrimeSense.

They are an Israeli based company founded in 2005 by 5 guys at the same time they invented the 3d scanning/infrared rangefinding technology behind the Kinect.
Microsoft does not own the company or the patents to this technology. Microsoft pays PrimeSense to use their technology. You can find out more on their website. Checkout the Capri 1.25 senors under solutions along with Asus's Xtion which is their PC alternative solution for Kinect.

Microsoft was using Rare to work on the software aspect of it before acquiring the use of the technology a few years later and announcing Project Natal.

Also, here is a trailer from PrimeSense promoting their products.

Microsoft is just being used to promote this technology. They are not innovative. They are just a customer. That is all.

hazardman2148d ago

It came out for pc, but at moment more as a developer/mod tool. Its being used in a lot of concepts believe it or not from military to medical field.

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IcicleTrepan2148d ago

People seem to forget that the Kinect is of such a high quality at the price you can get it for that a lot of people in the amateur robotics field use it as their primary sensor array for their robotics builds. It is very much in demand in that field. I'm not saying that the games are any good. I've played a few and I thought they were OK but something like that would and should never replace the controller in general.

I imagine the idea behind having it built into TVs is to use the smart tv interfaces the same way that you can use the Xbox Live dashboard.

FunAndGun2148d ago

It still seems easier to just use a button on a remote. I don't have a Kinect, that is just my perception....I could be wrong.

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