Games I Hate Myself for Liking

Every gamer has secrets they don’t care to share, tricks that they have learned along the way that give them an edge over other gamers or superstitions that apply only to them that they believe will put Lady Luck squarely on their side. But there is one secret no gamer wants to share: the embarrassing fact that they might actually like a game that their fellow gamers ridicule others mercilessly for playing.

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Number-Nine2051d ago

battletoads, really?

you shouldn't hate yourself for liking battletoads.

Kratoscar20082051d ago

You should, beating that game is a torture in itself (Balls Hard not because its bad).

3-4-52051d ago

Battletoads was awesome as a kid. One of the few games I had trouble beating though but luckily Game Genie solved that and turned BT and about 100 other games I had into completely new gaming experiences.

Axonometri2051d ago

If something makes you hate yourself maybe you shouldn't tell yourself you like it so much?

DoomeDx2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )


So all the people that are at rehab for drugs addiction should simply just think ''Hey I dont like it!'' and they are done being addicted?


Vladplaya2051d ago

Pretty sure liking a video game and been addicted to drugs, are not even close to been the same.

Axonometri2051d ago

SO doing things that cause yourself problems is justified as long as you try to go to rehab or tell yourself you know its wrong?

FlameHawk2051d ago

Am I the only one who finds the title to be confusing, seems wrong for some reason.

OhReginald2051d ago

yea it sounds a little retarded

Kyosuke_Sanada2051d ago

Really expected a mention of Rumble Roses or Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball.................... .and maybe RapePlay.

KillrateOmega2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I was having a blast reading the game titles, lol XD

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