Microsoft calls Xbox event "yearly internal meeting"

The Xbox 720 has been said to be receiving an exclusive event over the next few days, and some believe that is where there will be some inside unveiling will be going on, but Microsoft has issued a statement.

According to an exclusive response to's inquiry today, Microsoft has identified what the upcoming events are for.

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NewMonday2056d ago

"Wait, select press are going to be at the Microsoft fiscal year 2014 event this week?"

"select press" and not the public like Sony did? not a sign of confidence.

Show, don't tell

NewMonday2056d ago

MS should let something positive leak out, because the rumors circulating in the Net are negative, something to stop the talk about locking used games or news and images from a new hardcore IP.

Wikkid6662056d ago

Well maybe they don't want the good stuff to leak yet... more shock and awe factor.

MikeMyers2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Microsoft will not change their plans because of Sony showing us the PS4. It's amazing how rumours and hyperbole come into play. Such as the first comment of not showing confidence. Give me a break.

For all the questionable media we see it pales to the attitude and conduct within forums. So far all we have really to go by is Major Nelson and his E3 comment.

Blackdeath_6632056d ago

info won't be as reliable as sony's press conference which was live streamed all over the world and watched by millions. it will only cause a spiral of endless speculation and silly articles. i will hibernate on gaming news untill E3 because everything between now and then isn't worth getting excited about. i'd rather save my excitement for when it is needed

SilentNegotiator2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


Then why inform the press? Other than to "prep" their buddies....

lilbrat232056d ago

Funny you say that because info ALWAYS gets leaked and sometimes video and images. :-)

Derekvinyard132056d ago

True classic, it prolly will

Autodidactdystopia2056d ago

is this a bogus attempt at being clever or a smart attempt at being bogus?

mistertwoturbo2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Nah, not worried about info leaks.

But at least we know the entire American Video Game Press will be in attendance to pick up their free Xbox720 swag and early copies of Halo 5. But exclusive to only the ones that will write praise about the console and be negative about anything Sony related. IE: Kotaku

morganfell2055d ago

"is this a bogus attempt at being clever or a smart attempt at being bogus?"

Tightly controlled atmospheres are used for sleight of hand. This is where MS brings in certain press they trust and whom are already predisposed to do what MS desires. Then the press leaves and says it's the second coming and viola! MS starts building buzz. This is simply a reaction to try and stem the PS4 chatter that is overwhelming everything at this point. MS has made some irreversable hardware choices and they have to do something soon. They can't release Hardware info because they'll lose that fight by a much greater margin than the PS3/360 fight.

Amazing how many people are about to trust the insider press and with absolutely no chance for other members of the press, technical experts, or the public to examine the facts.

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NYC_Gamer2056d ago

MS will hold a separate event to reveal 720

Hands Up For Games2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

This will be an internal briefing to bring staff up to speed on what the nextbox is going to be like, with the actual reveal coming in April at some point?

This isnt about confidence, this really is just business.

This is taken from the bottom of the article, for those that dont read them ;)

"This seems like a PlayStation Destination situation where people thought that was where the PS4 would be revealed and then Sony held a separate event for it."

xxLuckyStrike2056d ago

Haha more Sony fanboy trolls in MS news articles fearing what MS may have up their sleeve. I expect M$ will shock us all given all the negative news circulating the net and daily doom articles here at N4G. I don't think M$ will give Trolls the "I told you so" satisfaction. But yeah INCOMING... Run for hills!!!

jmac532056d ago

So true, I thought it was pretty obvious that it is a inside business meeting/ strategy session but then I actually read this things called words that make sentences.

DeadlyFire2055d ago

I expect we will see Xbox 720 in April.

You guys should watch clues more closely.

Kaz said he would let Microsoft show their console first, then stated sometime in May or after May for their reveal of the PS4 box. Sony already knows when Microsoft is going to show their box.

Chuk52056d ago


You forget that games are a business as well.
I think too many gamers forget that.

DigitalSmoke2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

All we need to do is GAME... thats it.
Silly people will try to pull up sale numbers in discussions about what game has the most production value and overall quality...

Short sighted gamers will just look at what sold more, you know, the Justin Bieber generation.

aviator1892056d ago

these annual meetings are normally reserved for ms employees and investors.

it makes sense they would want to share everything first with the people financially backing them and employees before fully unveiling it to the public.

WarThunder2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


I will tell you: Jump out!

LOL! Look at your disagree, lots of MS fangirls Disagreeing without even knowing what you or the article are tanking about...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2056d ago

@WarThunder,... The only thing tanking around here, is you.

Godmars2902056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

MS has a better relationship with the game press than Sony. They can afford to be a bit exclusive. They also have a history of trying to control the flow of information they offer.

The GQ actors they've regularly had at E3. The kids at the Kinect showing. They're very much into manufacturing reactions. Of telling not showing.

Though of course they're very much committed to showing what the console looks like because they chided Sony for it. Wont stop them from showing a different design months later of course because such will be well after the fact of the demand.

Gildarts2056d ago

With "they" you mean major nelson? Hes the one who said something about Sony not showing the actual console.

Gildarts2056d ago

Obviously this is about informing the press, the real event where it will be revealed is in April.

Godmars2902056d ago

Yes, given that the man is as close to an official spokesmen MS has who directly addresses gamers on a regular basis, I mean Major Nelson.

Regardless that it was likely an off the cuff remark, MS has to live up to it. It represents an opportunity to for MS to repeatedly make jokes at Sony expense without MS ever having to mention them.

GamersRulz2056d ago

This event agenda will be " Holy Shit!! We're fuc**d" /s

Burackus2056d ago

That's was funny, bubbles

sak5002056d ago

@burackus and lets remove your's since you're encouraging a troller

GamersRulz2056d ago

Nobody accepts a joke anymore?!

Ok,didn't know that.

Buff10442056d ago

Everyone will know soon enough. Let's stop pretending that everything Sony showed/discussed at that press con will come to fruition.

Gildarts2056d ago

Lol thats what's funny about PS fanboys they completely ignore the fact that Sony themselves said something that could damage their image of the PS4.

They said that not all of these features will be available at launch or will ever be released.

irokster2055d ago

Keep grasping at those straws, little one...

AngelicIceDiamond2056d ago

Lol why would MS hold a private meeting about the 360? You know its the 720 they're talking about in there.

MysticStrummer2056d ago

Select press means MS friendly press

BanBrother2056d ago

Dorito's and Mountain Dew press?

Hayabusa 1172055d ago


Where the public at the PS4 reveal? If I remember that was advertised as being for "select press" or "retailers" or something.

I know it was streamed live but I don't think the "public" turned up at the event.

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Lvl_up_gamer2056d ago

Standard business practice.

Move along.

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KillrateOmega2056d ago

Damn, and here I was hoping for some real details.

Jazz41082056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Ms has over twenty studios working on the 720 and yes these are first party studios. Ms has purchased them in the last two to three years and now have more then sony. Do you really think that these twenty studios will not have new ips to show? I expect alot from ms first party next gen because they are very equiped to not only keep up with sonys studioa but surpass them in amount. Quality will be the determing factor and ms has the edge there with a good amount of money to flood every studio properly so lets just see what happens next gen before we bash the 720 or even the ps4. I know i will own both just as I did this gen but I will not make uninformed opinions like I have of last gen until I can get my hands on both of them.

Rainstorm812056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

20 studios? Name half.......

"Not only equipped to keep up with Sony studios but surpass them"

That was hilarious....remains to be seen but funny nonetheless

Jek_Porkins2056d ago

Investors are a huge part of the business, Microsoft will want positive things to report, which explains the really good video game sale this past week. Tack on some of those sales to push positive numbers to your investors, Xbox Live revenue is up, Halo 4 did amazingly, they will show off the next Xbox to investors and get everyone hyped up for the huge launch.

One thing we know, Microsoft has the money to advertise and when they are ready to show their new beast off, we'll all know about it, hell it'll probably be on a few different tellevision stations.