Frontlines: Fuel of War Reviewed by 1Up

The 1Up network gives us their thoughts on the new Frontlines: Fuel of War for Xbox 360 and PC.

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Bathyj4190d ago

Shame. I'd buy it half price for single player.

They should stick to 16 vs 16 if it means the game is gonna be unplayable from lag. I hope they didn't throw that many in just to compete with Resistance.

VaeVictus4189d ago

More like to compete w/ Warhawk. I wonder if the graphics are better on the retail version than the demo. It is a pretty ugly game. Warhawk>Frontlines.

sabbath4204189d ago

I find the game to be quite good on both levels. I have only had one match with any lag to speak of. The rest have been great. I started in non ranked games then soon moved to ranked matches. The only problems that I have had so far is every one wants the dang helicopters and gets to them before me. But they don't help with air support very well. Another thing is the squad leaders should be able to communicate with one another. And there is a bit of texture pop in here and there. People that are complaining about this game must have crappy connections and standards that are way to high. I have nothing but great fun with it and all the awesome boom booms and vehicles.

FireDragon1174189d ago

Playing the demo I thought is was pretty good. Im still goin to get it

etownone4189d ago

A review I completely agree with. Thank you 1up.

The single player is fun, took me about 8 hours. And although the multiplayer does some amazing things, like for instance you and three friends jump in a helicopter and fly over a command point to then have 3 players jump out of the helicopter and use their parachute.

But the fact that there is latency/lag, whatever the problem is takes away from the fun. And i'm sure they can fix these bugs out, butthey need to do it ASOP.
I know what lag is, but the fact I unload a clip on someones back to then have him turn around and shoot a small burst at me and kill me...unacceptable.

sabbath4204189d ago

Why is this game in the ps3 section? It was scrapped for ps3. only on xbox and pc

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