Breaking the Silence - New SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Screens

In anticipation of the Confrontation cover story in the May issue of EGM, 1UP has posted two new screenshots. The initial reaction has been positive, and the dev team is really excited that the world can finally see some of their hard work. This has also been a huge relief to SealTeam-6, who has the unenviable job of telling SOCOM's huge, hungry fan base every week that:

* a) yes we are still working on the game, and
* b) no, there is no new information we can share at this time

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PStriple7035954d ago

another reason to own a ps3...

InMyOpinion5954d ago

Why should I get this game instead of GRAW 1 & 2 and RB6: Vegas 1 & 2? What makes it better? Just curious =)

baxter5954d ago

cuz this is PS3 exclusive.

We ps3 owners get this game cuz this is miles better than generic multiplat titles like RB6 and GRAW

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InMyOpinion5954d ago

Was my question offensive in some way? I have friends who own PS3's, and we switch consoles from time to time so PS3 games interest med as much as 360 games. I named GRAW and RB6 cause I think they are great games, both in single- as well as multiplayer. I just wonder what Socom has that the other two lack? Why should I get it if I own GRAW and RB 6? I don't see that as an offensive question.

xc7x5954d ago

i think baxter took your answer the wrong way,thought you were being sarcastic or something? anyways Socom is nothing like the games you mentioned,although the new one is to have over the shoulder view apart from it's traditional 3rd person view,so it may have similarities only with the new view but that's about it. Socom is pretty fast paced in comparison,mostly all outdoor settings. all objectives are fairly quick too,online is where Socom shines but the new one could be different with campaign than in the past,you'll just have to play a demo to see for yourself i guess. it's a love / hate kind of game.

Panthers5954d ago

For me its the only reason. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

mikeslemonade5954d ago (Edited 5954d ago )

Where's my Foxhunt?:)

"I got control of the hostage"
"Hostage Secured"

InMyOpinion5954d ago

Thx dude! Sounds awesome =) The screens look great. Much better than the ones they first showed, it has come a long way.

Mattearl5953d ago

Okay... firstly, I've never played a SOCOM game. But these images look fantastic!

Secondly. Just going by the images, its looking like SOCOM looks WAY better than the new RS:V2. Not a huge fan of RS:V but it was fun... for awhile.

Can't wait for more details!

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TheExecutive5954d ago

those screens are nothing but impressive.

sonarus5954d ago

yea but the original posted by 1up looked crappy because they were compressed. But these are simply stunning. This game will be hard to release so as not to take away from MGS4. However majority of people who will be buying mgs4 will be buying it for sp and socom is multiplayer only so would be interesting to see how sony times the release of the two games

Milkman5415954d ago

Hopefully the release date is sometime soon, cuz if it is in the summer it's going to be going against some big titles...

Asurastrike5954d ago (Edited 5954d ago )

Those screens look terrible compared to Metal Gear Online.

Btw, go to Kotaku for the high def pics, they show what the game really looks like

Chubear5954d ago

So you're trying to compare a downloadable game to a full fledged game developed solely on Blu-ray?

Uhmm OK.

For a downloadable game, Socom:c looks outstanding is could possiblly be the best looking DLable game yet... possibly.

thedude176555954d ago (Edited 5954d ago )

::cough:: wipeout::cough::cough::

Two different types of games, so cheers to both!

funkysolo5954d ago

This is unacceptable. There are so many people waiting on this game to make the jump to PS3. This game should of been a launch title especially since it's only multiplayer. I think Sony drop the ball big time on this title, since there is a hugh hardcore fanbase.


killzone , resistance or whatever onlibe shooters thats out for the ps3 right now , but sony knows that socom will be there prize.. Why cant people just wait , there are plenty of games out right now if you actually go out and buy it and try some of them. like right now im ready to go and pick up the show , and someone recommend shadow of the col which i never played...but heard real good stories about..I dont know how i miss this game it might have come out the same time with another good game....