PS Vita Marketing And Pricing Strategies Need To Change

"Granted there’s a lot of business know-how that factor into these decisions (including answering to shareholders); but Sony really needs to make some changes to their marketing and pricing strategies in order to remain competitive." - JTM Games

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SavageKuma2057d ago

They just need to port some more interesting titles and ones that are not coming out to the consoles.

PopRocks3592057d ago

Those would not be called ports then. They would be called exclusives. But yes, I agree with you in that regard. Software will move hardware, period.

SavageKuma2057d ago

Marketing usually sucks anyway. I mean they literally told people to play their vita while walking in the busy streets...really? I guess they want gamers to die lol

jtmgames2057d ago

It's too bad because there are good software for the Vita, but Sony almost never gives them the marketing push they deserve. Assassin's Creed Liberation and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to be specific. Both games released with almost no marketing behind them.

knifefight2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Re: "I guess they want gamers to die lol"

Well, to be fair, I also want gamers to die.

Ult iMate2057d ago

Nevertheless AC Liberation sold as well as RE Revelations with big marketing and huge install base of 3DS. And Retro City Rampage got its biggest sales on Vita. Also Shuhei Yoshida said that digital sales for Vita sometimes bigger than on PS3. Indie developers announced and released a whole bunch of their games for Vita.
I think the install base of Vita consists mostly of core gamers that know the industry well, hence doesn't need much marketing.

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wtfbbq82057d ago

More marketing games are good, however don't need to waste alot of money into it. Now a day most people can find out what games are there and what games are coming out thru internet. Don't expect Sony gamers under age of 13.

BullyMangler2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Vita's prob is not the price, its the lack of Stereoscopic 3D, comfort and great games ...

jon12342057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

lol, cute that u mention 3d

oh and comfort?? have u played resident evil on the 3ds? very UNcomfortable...

TongkatAli2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I played Street Fight IV with the 3D. Wow, lol. Nothing to brag about. The 3DS can't beat the OLED, put that shit on max settings, crazy for handheld.

The Vita isn't HD, but it pulls off the look very good. 3DS has good games, the tech behind it is cheap, fact.

Pokemon is gonna look so jaggy its gonna be hilarious. 250$ at launch, 250$ for what ? a x2 PSP, claps.

It even got the PSP nub and took Monster Hunter. How innovate of you Nintendo. Oh! But the 3D XD

WeAreLegion2057d ago

It has comfort and great games. I'm not sure it needs 3D. Most people turn it off on their 3DS. I don't, but I'm a 3D fanatic. The Vita is fine without 3D.

tachy0n2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

1080P HD raw movies on a PSVita are better than headaches @ 240 on the 3DS. there is a reason why 3DTVs never took off, its just a useless gimmick.


"The Vita isn't HD"

please see attached image in this message.

BullyMangler2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

only pussytoes get headaches with 3D

RogueStatus282057d ago

Too bad power is not getting it anywhere, LMAO.

Adolph Fitler2057d ago

They really should have just thrown a phone into it, & marketed it as a handheld system, with the added benefit of a mobile phone, rather than the other way round, like all the phones do.
I would prefer a machine built as a handheld 1st, then having a phone included. I mean, I am one of the few who purchased the Playstation phone over an I-phone or any of the other smartphones available.....and the fact is, it is an awesome little phone, that has NO SUPPORT....I mean, the PS pad that makes it so unique & awesome, really has gotten rotten support, & especially by Sony.
I hope my Vita doesn't suffer the same fate, as it does truly have some unreal games available, but I would hate for it to die without it's potential being fulfilled.
Nobody will ever make a handheld like the Vita again, if it dies a quick, horrible death, as it just won't be a risk anyone will be willing to take to put so much great & new tech in a handheld unit....
I mean, as it was I was stresses that Nintendo had set a new low & benchmark with Wii, that meant that Sony & MS would not really give us new machines with any truly great features & especially power.....but, oh, how wrong I was, as PS4 is a powerhouse that I can hardly wait for. Lucky I have so many great PS3, Wii-U, 360 & Vita games to tired me over.

As for lowering Vita's price, well I don't think that is totally necessary yet, as I would find the inclusion of at least a 32gig memory card & 6-12 months of PSN+ far more beneficial. Marketing on the other hand is terrible, as usual for Sony...I mean, after PS2, they just lost the plot, & there rare advertisements have not gone for the throat of consumers enough. Instead of fancy crap, they just need to smartly advertise there games & machines in a way that clearly shows what there games are about, with heavy gameplay emphasis....there machines need to be plugged the same way, & show there many facets of use.

It may not get it anywhere to you RogueStatus, but you don't own one (unfortunately for you), & I can say, as a Vita owner, the machine is unrivalled in build quality, feel & comfort in hand, visual fidelity, & although not having the biggest range of games, for a 1yr old system it really does have an awesome selection of titles...You may just be judging the system off what is on store shelves, but fact is, Sony have made great inroads with d/l titles available for Vita, PSP & PS3.....and as a PSN+ member, I get a very large selection of them for the piddly yearly subscription cost on ALL 3 systems.
There are PS1 classics littered on PSN that are playable on all 3 machines upon purchase, there are mini's, then there are specialized ports of awesome titles like MGS3. X play as well is a pretty damn bold move by Sony for the consumer & as a PS3/Vita owner, I feel Sony are giving me a helluva lot more than they need to for the money.
So, while you may be down on this great little system, maybe you should stop embarrassing yourself & take your foot from your mouth.
You can also bet, that if Sony had as much success in the handheld market against Nintendo, as they did in the home console market, MS would have followed Sony's lead into the handheld market.