Bit Trip Runner 2 review (Nerd Reactor)

Nerd Reactor: "Ok so this week we’re taking a look at Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for the Wii U."

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Phil322106d ago

The game freezing when one backs out of it on the Wii U keeps me from downloading it. That's the system I want the game on because of off-TV play.

Realplaya2106d ago

Are you aware that they fixed it via an update?

Phil322106d ago

After I posted that I saw the update, downloaded it, looked up what it did, and lo and behold!

tl;dr - Yep! Thanks. :)

deafdani2105d ago

Are you sure the update is already out? I played Runner 2 last night and the patch wasn't up yet, and I haven't seen any news for it.