IGN- Etrian Odyssey IV Review

IGN:The first three Etrian Odysseys are great dungeon crawlers, but with their high difficulty and monotony of purpose, they’re very much an acquired taste. Etrian IV matches its hardcore depth to appealing visuals and more inviting design, and in doing so allows the series to transcend niche status. Atlus has crafted a fantastic portable RPG, and the perfect entry point for Etrian newcomers.

GARBAGE LICKER4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

Amazing, a new good RPG to play every month so far this year

knifefight4098d ago

I believe Jeremy Parish once wrote an 11,000-word essay on Etrian Odyssey. Not surprised to see high marks here ;)
Game deserves them, though. EO is a great series.

for we are many4098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

3DS became an absolute time sponge, actually it's devoured most of my gaming time for almost a year now (and I have Wii U, Ps3, 360 and Vita), and the best is yet to come. On a side note, the music in this game is exceedingly beautiful and it's a blessing that the OST CD and the art-book came as a bonus with my pre-order :D


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