IGN: MLB '08: The Show (PSP) Review

IGN writes: If you're looking for any other changes to game modes, you're not going to find them here, which is fine to an extent – it pretty much highlights an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" take on the modes, which are still as engaging as before. The included Home Run Derby and King of the Diamond mini-games are still fun, and online is still extremely deep with the number of features included from last year. That means that players used to 30-team leagues, Online Player Cards and message boards from last year will be very comfortable with MLB '08, and the downloadable slider services and updated sports tickers will just feel like second nature. The same can be said for the online play, which is still just as good as it was last year.

What the PSP version does have that's an excellent addition to its gameplay is the inclusion of in-game saves. Arguably, this feature was always there because players could switch the system into sleep mode, being able to save your progress and your battery life by fully switching off the system is an excellent addition to this year's play.

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clearelite4004d ago

This game looks pretty awesome. Sony = King of consumer electronics! psp came out 3 years ago and is still one of the coolest gadgets. I may have to purchase one some day.

LinuxGuru4004d ago

I really liked the Show from 07....I can only expect more from this year's version.