Battlefield 3: End Game releases start tomorrow

GamesRadar - Battlefield 3's End Game content will arrive this month across all platforms, though PlayStation 3 players will get in on the final infusion of new maps and game modes early.

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MooseWI2056d ago

Pretty excited, just picked up BF3 Premium and waiting patiently until it releases on PC.

yodawins2056d ago ShowReplies(1)
RememberThe3572056d ago

If the maps are like Aftermath I'm gonna be pumped! Armored kill was booboo for console, but those Aftermath maps were perfect. Console needs true 64 player combat, we're missing out.

Plagasx2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I don't know why they release on PS3 first...Isn't PC the lead platform?..also, more people play the game on PC...

that's such BS.

TheSaint2056d ago

It's just a lure so people will buy the console, timed exclusives are stupid but that's the world we live in.