Neverwinter Online Looking For Foundry Beta Testers

One of Neverwinter Online's most anticipated features will be its Foundry Toolset which gives players the chance to build and DM adventures with players online. Perfect World has announced that they need beta testers for this feature.

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Derekvinyard132055d ago

dont know about you guys but i never get into these

Echel0n2054d ago

I have beta tested quite a few different games, but nothing like this. This would be a first for me.

kefkah2055d ago

I used to use the DM toolset constantly on the old Neverwinter Nights. Ravenloft project. It was amazing some of the stuff I saw come out of the community then. Even persistent worlds.

ProfScrewtape2055d ago

Noooo! Don't show people the link that lowers the odds of me getting in!
"Stupid Fat Hobbit!"

Wormwood2055d ago

I'm mildly disappointed now that the foundry cannot be boiled, mashed, or put in stews...

xseven2055d ago

This has to be my favorite feature in the game, count me in.

Grayn2055d ago

Foundry has some interesting possibilities. I am looking forward to checking it out.