IGN: Saints Row 2 First Look

Back into Stillwater for another peak into the life of a gangsta.

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Asurastrike4185d ago

GTA IV just looks like it has more personality.

wow4u4185d ago

Im thinking APB looks the most interesting in the sandbox-chaos genre.

Skerj4185d ago

Brutal Legend and Prototype wins over all of the sandbox games!!

Official General4185d ago

It does'nt look like this game is gonna sway a majority GTA crowd their way. GTA 4 just looks too polished, refined and exctiting enough so much, that not much heads are gonna pay too much attention to Saints Row 2. More importantly, GTA's legendary name and rep for delivering outstanding titles in gaming history is written in stone, on a global scale. Having said that, if it's very good I see no reason to have a look at it and see if it's worth buying. But it still most probably will not be better than GTA 4.

My favourite GTA game was Vice City and San Andreas was really good, but both titles had some significant things missing to make them complete. GTA 3, with it's gritty New-York style setting could have been the best one on last-gen, but it had way too many missing aspects (eg. motorbikes. GTA 4 just looks like it is everything all the previous last-gen GTA's should have been, and Saints Row will not even have a slim chance of surpassing this!

wow4u4185d ago

There are some hardcore fans of this genre -- that GTA still seems to be the peak.

But, there is enough fans of the mayhem sandbox game for more than one title.

Personally, I'm incredibly excited for A.P.B. & GTAIV.

Storm234185d ago

It could be fun I guess, but it will never take me away from GTA4. And because it is getting released late this year, it will be very hard to squeeze it in with the other incredible games coming out.

wow4u4185d ago

You should try and make some time for SR2 (if what is said below) and/or A.P.B., their co-op and Xbox LIVE gameplay are where (for me at least) the real innovative gameplay will be coming.

It looks like GTAIV has concentrated more on the story-narrative, while A.P.B. & SR2 appear to be about new gameplay features.

Premonition4185d ago

For me its GTA4 any day first then saints row later.

OOG FunK4185d ago

saints row could be interesting due to the co op but we shall see i guess

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