One Major Concern: Infamous Second Son

Daniel Morris says "The good men and women over at Sucker Punch certainly know what they are doing. After winning the hearts of platforming fans everywhere with Sly Cooper, they moved onto the darker Infamous series. The first two Infamous games really pushed the limit of what can be done with a superhero story. Now with the ps4, a new generation of games is about to begin and what better way than a brand new Infamous. I am no doubt excited by this but while watching the trailer I had a nagging doubt looming in the back of my mind. Here’s hoping Sucker Punch will not let me down."

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THC CELL2056d ago

Control smoke + up nose of other characters= controls - gas mask = no control

shivvy242056d ago

Well they make great games but really you cant judge a game if theres not much gameplay to go on

GribbleGrunger2056d ago

I think we'll have more than one character to control in singleplayer and a full roster of characters to control in multiplayer.

Donnieboi2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Multiplayer? Da fuq u talking about?! Co-op? Or do u mean full MP? Was this ever even confirmed??

GribbleGrunger2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

It doesn't need confirming. It WILL be there. Unless you didn't watch the conference or take Sony's message in?

Donnieboi2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

But that's not confirmation. Sony NEVER said there would be MP. That's quite cocky of you to impose your OPINION by saying that it WILL be there, when SOny never said that. And Sony wouldnt need to skirt around the issue--either they would just say MP is included, or wait for a later date to say so, but your imposed OPINION is not fact (whether we would or wouldn't like MP in the game).

GribbleGrunger2056d ago

Yeah, my fault, I should have just said online play. I wouldn't be surprised to see Co-op though

pandaboy2056d ago

don't worry about gribble, he just enjoys jerking off to his own wacky predictions.

r212056d ago

Its a concern but not a major one. I trust Sucker Punch to make the smoke ability work. Besides, who says thats his only ability? I remember one of the SP staff mentioned that Delsin absorbed this ability from someone else, probably implying Delsin has the ability to instead copy or absorb other Conduits powers.

DanVMorris2048d ago

Ya I may have exaggerated a bit. I trust them as well, but you never know what can happen. It also wouldn't be a surprise to see more than one power considering Infamous 2 utilized more than just electricity as well.

r212048d ago

Nah, its understandable, thers not much clear info bout the game so all we have left is to speculate. Im hoping Delsin can absorb powers like Peter in Heroes. Makes the game more dynamic. Find a conduit and touch him, get powers.

sorceror1712056d ago

I strongly suspect that the 'smoke travel' won't be 'teleporting'. It will almost certainly be like the 'shadow swarm' flight in Festival of Blood. Note - that can be used as an attack in FoB, no reason it couldn't in Second Son.

DanVMorris2048d ago

I thought they could be pretty similar but I actually never got around to playing FoB so I couldn't comment on it. It would make sense.

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