Square Enix Preparing To Make Quality Nintendo Wii Games

A magnitude of Wii game developers have simply been making quick cash-ins on Wii in hopes that it's new audience won't notice the poor quality and will still buy their games anyway, and Square Enix is one of them, but not anymore.

With the news of Square Enix's new engine coming to Wii, their confession of their lackluster sales on Wii so far, with talk of multiplatform games and a bright future for Wii gamers among other things, Square Enix has finally gotten a clue about Wii development.

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Darkiewonder4004d ago

As all it talks about was the Crystal Tools and they are going by that. Not really SE will make quality nintendo games. It's more like you'll get quality looking Spinoffs.

Intrepid4004d ago

The likelihood of Kingdom Hearts 3 being a Wii exclusive, or at least multiplatform, is already really high. With Disney really interested in the Wii and Crystal Tools compatible on the Wii, it looks really good for Nintendo.

RecSpec4004d ago

Multiplatform, impossible. But maybe for the Wii, I would be interested to see how that works. Unlike the people going "Kingdom Hearts III on Wii? BOOOO!"

wiizy4004d ago

what are you talking about clown.... square has two original games coming out for the wii and both will be good games.

RecSpec4004d ago

Dragon Quest IX is on the DS, so a good Squeenix game on the Wii is highly possible.

ZackFair4004d ago

They will not get any main FF titles, and most certainly not KH3.

Us KH fans don't want another game with last-gen graphics.

Intrepid4004d ago

If you would give up playing KH3 because it's on the Wii, than you're not a fan of KH, you're a fan of consoles.

I'll be getting a DS for the DS installment.

xplosneer4004d ago

Yes, I thought I would steal my brothers Wii for SSBB, but if this comes out exclusively or with exclusive content, heck I'm taking it and moving to Nevada!

TalyngarTheBlack4004d ago

Please don't make me buy a Wii so I can play a last-gen KH3.

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