Origin Not Allowing Pre-Load of SimCity

From AnalogHype.com: "We are 36 hours away from the triumphant return of the city building classic SimCity, and the experience is already starting to sour for gamers excited to have everything ready to go the second the game is available. "

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DwightOwen4102d ago ShowReplies(1)
BillySpandex4102d ago

I'll skip it. While I would have wanted to own the latest SimCity, "always online" is a definite deal-breaker for me. Thank you EA. but no thanks.

Si-Fly4102d ago

No Internet in your house? Sat in an Internet cafe posting on N4G?

BillySpandex4098d ago

While disconnects are infrequent where I live, for a game that demands always online, and even had launch day issues (reminiscent of Diablo 3), I'm amused that you'd even post that. :P

Si-Fly4098d ago

I just think that whilst it is a ball ache it shouldn't be enough to deter you from buying it if you wanted it. I played the Beta and can't wait to get started on the real deal tomorrow :)

Sadly DRM is here to stay, so you'll be severely limiting your choice of games by boycotting any future titles that use it.

NickleDime5104102d ago

I am so excited for this game! I am also excited for the online components of the game! It seems strange they do not have an offline mode however it wont affect me. It has been 10 years since the last SimCity and for good reason. The Franchise was getting stale, and they admitted they were getting bored with the series. Well they seem all excited for this new glass box engine and online services with multi city playand it all looks sweet. I get how it is a minor (or major) struggle for people to be online all the time but but the thought of an always online game means they may make some major updates in the future to adjust gameplay. They already have said city sizes with eventually expand so they are willing to change.

Neckername4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

There will likely eventually be a "skidrow style" workaround/patch download for those who wish to play offline.


7 Times Games Forced Us Online (Against Our Will)

Some games force online-only measures onto people. It sucks! Especially when some titles, like these seven, 100% didn't need it.

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shauzy1850d ago

i dont even know what to gain from this

meep3161849d ago

publishers gain control by forcing you online.

shauzy1848d ago

i meant what to gain from this knowledge, this list, whats the point of it why make it why should i know these games, sure yeah i do recall some games needing me to be online even to play single player but, why should i know this "seven times" thing

Xavi4K1849d ago

I don’t care I cannot recall the last time I didn’t have internet connection

PiNkFaIrYbOi1849d ago

You are either sort of young or very old and have memory issues.

Besides the internet can go down for various reasons.

Lord_Sloth1849d ago

Lookit me, I can't even type 7 paragraphs on a single page! Give me clicks!!!

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lptmg2467d ago

Need for Speed as well. Here's to hope that the new one will be a return to form for the franchise.

Gaming1012467d ago

Dead Space was the worst ruining... micro transactions in a full price game, with co op that was mandatory to get all the story and access to certain areas. Sure Rock Band was oversaturated, and Burnout was basically killed off even though it sold a ton on PS3 back in the day.

indysurfn2467d ago

Wow kudos EA! no one can kill a franchisee like you can kill a franchises.

lptmg2467d ago

Sadly, Rock Band died because of Activision shoving one Guitar Hero every 3 months

OldSchoolGamer692467d ago

Madden Football 2006-2018 2018-?

showtimefolks2467d ago

I want mercenaries 1 remaster

chrono12052467d ago

Or a reboot, with all the fun of the first one.

showtimefolks2467d ago

i agree i had a great time with the 1st game and a good time with the sequel

PhoenixUp2467d ago

Dead Space, NBA Live, & Rock Band

Marcello2467d ago

Burnout aswell