Host Migration? Not so Much CoD4 Patch has its Problems

" A few members of the Live-360 crew were playing some Call of Duty 4 earlier today testing out all the new patches features. Everything was looking good (especially the new kill cams, they kick ass) then the game suddenly ended and said "The host has ended the game." That was not the last time we saw this message, the second time seen we knew something was not right. Not really complaining here but this was pretty much the main feature in the patch and the feature that was going to quit all the complaining about games suddenly ending because of the host leaving."

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Mr Blings4192d ago

happened to me a few times this weekend as well. I was under the impression that the patch was there so following a match if a host signed off, instead of everyone being booted back to the room by themselves, it would keep everyone together and just assign a new host. I wasnt really expecting the patch to fix this on the fly in the middle of a match if host signs off. it would be cool if they could do this though. I didnt see it being too much of a problem this weekend though.

JsonHenry4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I bought this game for the 360 a week or so after it came out and LOVED the game. But when I found out how far superior the PC version was I bought the PC version. Because the PC version allows for dedicated servers I never have this problem any more.

The PC version is like playing a whole new game because of the much better graphics and ability to toggle actions like crouch and lean (yes, you can lean around corners in the PC version!) makes it a lot better on the controls.

Not to mention the PC versions ability to play up to 50 people at a time. (maybe more, but the most I have noticed is 50 people matches)

Silellak4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Here's my question - how bad is cheating on the PC version?

I've been getting the 360 versions of multiplayer games because of how bad cheating can get on the PC versions of those same games. I've heard CoD4 had quite a bit of cheating, but I was curious what your experience was.

JsonHenry4192d ago

I have not noticed any cheating myself. The game uses PunkBuster software that gets updated every once in a while to block known cheats from being used.

So if someone was using a cheat, it would not be very long before that cheat was disabled because of the PunkBuster client.

Hakworth4192d ago

cheating is always more common on a PC because its typically easier to do, but you shouldn't have a problem finding servers to play on where it isn't happening.

kornbeaner4192d ago

What is your tag and what server do you most frequent. I wanna see if you got any skills.

I'm usally in the free-for-all. =z= 24/7 city maps or on the BDS[beer drinkers] server.

JsonHenry4192d ago

I usually play on North American Milita (NAM) hardcore servers.

Go to the "Source" option when trying to join a multiplayer game and then click until it says "Favorites".

Then click "add favorite" and enter this I.P. address -

My tag is JsonHenry both on the PC version and the Xbox360 version. Cya on!

mariusmal4192d ago

there are lot's of glitching on the xbox version.

ambientFLIER4191d ago

I don't know how you PC guys can play 50 player battles, when 18 people is pretty crowded on 99% of the maps, unless you have some huge new ones that we don't get.

kornbeaner4191d ago

that my one big complaint with the game. The maps were designed with the console in mind, so anything with over 24 (thats still pushing it) gets to crowded. Not to mention the spawnpoints are worst on the PC then on console. But the general speed and feel for the game is 100% better on the PC. You take the good with the bad and there is more good on the PC than bad that is why I prefer it on the PC.

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AlterEgo4192d ago

i hope when the ps3 patch drops it doesn't have this problem.

its already in the certification process so its too late to 'check' it beforehand.

Silellak4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Read the patch notes.

When the host drops, the game isn't supposed to keep going. The game still ends, but it drops you back into the game lobby, instead of kicking you out of the game entirely. A new host is then chosen, and the game quickly starts back up.

I wish these people would read before complaining. Especially since they actually POSTED THE PATCH NOTES in the article that explain how it's SUPPOSED to work, and then continue to whine that it doesn't match how *they* expected it to work.


BeaArthur4192d ago

Yep, and I don't know if it was just the rooms I was in but there seemed to be a lot more lag since the patch came out.

Gamingisfornerds4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Halo3 has it and so it's quite obvious people would expect this when IW speaks of "HOST MIGRATION". It's just IW being lazy or not being able to get their sh*t straight.

Such a shame really, this game actually has me torn away from Halo3 ever since I got it, but these few annoyances are really starting to bug the gell (it was a typo at first, but I figured this sounds way cooler!) out of me, especially when an patch is expected (I.E. like Halo3) to fix this and doesn't in the end.

Also, I've been getting the weirdest spawns since the patch. I get spawned faced looking up against a wall?!? By the time I turn around...BAM BAM BAM...dead! Nice one IW! :|

Bleucrunch4192d ago

This is a real nusense while playing hopefully the ps3 patch fixes this.

DarkSniper4192d ago

This is what happens when Microsoft RUSHES AH3AD to meet a demand.


ASSASSYN 36o4192d ago

You just made an @ss of yourself...again. Read next time stupid.

caffman4191d ago

learn to read. It's got nothing to do with Microsoft.
Your rubber room awaits

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