Red Steel Videos

Here are some new videos of Red Steel on Nintendo Wii in its final version.

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jacen10006466d ago

cant wait to get a hold of this game it reminds me on 007 goldeneye for the nin 64.

nadizo6466d ago

Thats is because this game looks like Bond for N64 hahah
horrible graphics
come on nintendo when are you going to do somthing about your graphics!!!!

shysun6466d ago

Why did they show the controller more than the damn game?!:(

FinalFormKing236466d ago

You are judging the actual video rather then the game itself. I believe you will think differently when you play the game yourself.

jacen10006466d ago (Edited 6466d ago )

check the gameplay videos that litter the net the graphics are top notch the best thing to is the control style that will make it, gone are the days of gamepads who wants to play a first person shooter on gamepads thats realy poo. gamepads are for n64's u mean or even ps1's or even sega megadrive lol. wii control rules
when sony and microsoft realise graphics are not what gamers want as long as the graphics are good enough the rest is in the playing, nintendo invented the gamepad now they re-invent