Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review - Gamer 2.0

Danreb Victorio from Gamer 2.0 writes: "From the bloodline of the Uchiha Sharingan to the plain guts of the Kage Bunshin, the many ninja themes in the hit anime series, Naruto, just sets itself up nicely for some pretty cool fighting games starring everyone's favorite blonde ninja. Unfortunately, the only Naruto fighters in North America are a bunch of slow-paced GameCube games and while Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution on the Wii was solid-what kind of fighting game has you repeatedly shake the controller to win. That takes button mashing to whole different level. Either way Tomy has just come out with Naruto: Ninja Destiny, a 3D fighter for the DS that claims to be an improved version over its Japanese counterpart, but is that enough?"

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CrashSpyro1234184d ago

Looks like a shameless ripoff of the Clash of Ninja games.

blueleopard4184d ago

Some people could argue that this is better than Clash of Ninja. If this gets a follow-up, and it's pretty obvious that it will, it just might be the best Naruto fighter available.

Good review.