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Danreb Victorio says, "To be frank, while Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors offers a good time, it's not exactly an easy purchase at the full $50 price tag. A rental would probably suffice most people, especially since the game can be easily be beaten in about ten hours of so for most people. While Dragon Quest fans can rejoice in a good game to enjoy, it just doesn't offer the same kind of quality experience that its roman numeral brethren have pulled off so well."

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PS360WII4186d ago

It is a pretty fun game actually, but he is right that most would be happy with a rental on this one. It takes some extra time to buy everything in the game but I did get thru it in 10 hours. So it's a nice RPG in that sense where you don't have to spend 50+ hours on it

CrashSpyro1234186d ago

It's definitely the perfect rental for most Wii owners.

Amadeo4186d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about Japanese RPGs anymore. I'm not saying Dragon Quest Swords is a bad game, but JRPGs just aren't cutting it for me anymore. A lot of the time, it's more of the same. And let's look at the facts; there have been a ton of Dragon Quests. What happened to originality. I've been leaning more and more towards western RPGs. Anyone have the same sentiments?

PS360WII4186d ago

Umm well I see it both ways. WRPG's for the most part are just like jRPG but they fool you into thinking it's more open ended when with the story it's just as linear as any jRPG.

Dragon Quest for all intesive purposes is popular because it doesn't stray from the pack. It will always be the true tried and tested gameplay that the first version gave us as well as the sequels.

That's just me though for I liked Oblivion and Mass Effect but they just don't have the same flair as Persona, FF, Dragon Quest, Nocture, any JRPG has.

blueleopard4186d ago

Danreb didn't write this review.